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Nordson Open Face Cartridge, Reverse Pulse, Powder Coating Booth

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From a working environment, Good Condition
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Open Face
From a working environment, Good Condition
Work Envelope (WxDxH mm) [?]
1300 x 1600 x 1060
Process Stages
Single Stage Manual Operation
Other Info
Powder recovery build into the base.
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
1700 x 1760 x 2400mm


The open face powder coating booth allows for painting multiple components by hand directly placed on a work table or suspended from the rail. There is a powder recovery system built into the base of the unit which will help reducing the costs and is more environmentally friendly.


A roof mounted fan pulls the air and excess powder coating media into the filter cartridges and create a safe working area for the operators.

Automatic filter cleansing

The booth is equipped with an electronic automatic filter pulse cleaning system. The booth control system has a timer for both the cleaning interval, and the time of the impulse, so that the filters are automatically cleaned whilst in use to maintain the extraction rate of the booth in an optimum condition.

Reverse pulse cleaning 

The  powder booth is equipped with a pulse jet cleaning system which expands the filter at high velocity and escapes through the micro holes in the filter with the powder then falling to the floor booth.

Powder recovery

By recovering the sprayed materials you save money. Collecting the powders in the base  allows you to reuse the powders, whether it be directly to storage, the powder can be fed to the spray equipment (powders should be sifted before using it again).

Filter Elements

These are easy to change and readily available 

Working area is 1300 x 1600 x 1060

External size 1700 x 1760 x 2400

Built in lighting 

What is Reverse Pulse Jet Cleaning?

Filters in Powder Coating Plant collect powder particles - that's their job. This powder builds up and needs to be cleaned. Without cleaning there will be an impact on the working environment and the efficiency of the powder coating operation. It also reduces the volume of powder that can be recycled.

Reverse Pulse Jet cleaning of filters uses a jet of air to clean dust from the filters. The filters are cleaned by a series of rapid, high-pressure air jets which send a blast or shock of air through the reverse side of the filters. In effect this shakes the collected powder from the filters. The rapid reverse pulse of air allows for continuous operation with the fan running and has high collection efficiencies. A control unit sets the variables such as time duration between pulses, length of pulse and pressure to suit the powder and load the powder coating equipment is under.

Reverse Pulse Jet technology is also used on dust collectors especially in manufacturing environments where large volumes of solids are processed, such as mineral production, food processing and metal fabrication industries.

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