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Vixen Surface Treatments Jetair VM42 Media Shot Blast Cabinet

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Vixen Surface Treatments
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620 x 1050 x 650
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Manual with Rotary Table
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Reverse pulse filter cleaning
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
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1190 x 1320 x 2080
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The VM42 Jetair machine is ideal for those industry-leading customers who wish to obtain high-end blasting results in a cabinet that is both durable and advanced in its features.

Jetair Machines

Jetair machines are at the top of Vixen Surface Treatments industrial hand blasting cabinets. The halogen lighting and high performance cartridge dust collection/filtration system fitted to these models ensures maximum internal visibility, vital for yielding first-class results.

These dry blasting cleaning cabinets are designed to provide quick, clean and efficient results across a wide range of applications with a selection of differing blast media. 

Working under the principles of a closed loop pressure system, the abrasive from the cabin drops directly to the pressure tank, then under high pressure it is fed back to the cleaning nozzle of the blast gun.

These cabinets are designed to provide quick, clean and efficient results across a wide range of blast leaning applications such as;

  • Removal of paint
  • Rust
  • Scale
  • Surface preparations prior to bonding, repainting, re coating or producing cosmetic finishes.
  • Deburring or peening: Shot peening is similar to sand blasting, except that it operates by the mechanism of plasticity rather than abrasion: each particle functions as a ball peen hammer. In practice, this means that less material is removed by the process and so less dust is created

Shot peening uses the ball technology, which aim to increase the strength of individual elements and harden their surfaces. Processes of this type work on the  basis of strict control of the selection of blast speed and with the precise selection of the blast media.
Shot peening machines are used mainly in the machining and production process;

  • Gears
  • Drills
  • tools 
  • Springs

Machine specifications includes a single, left hand opening access door, rotary work table, under-slung gravity fed pressure pot, and attached twin cartridge reverse pulse dust filter. 

The pressure pot system simply slides onto the base of the media  hopper and takes only a few minutes to fit. Being a small capacity unit, a key benefit of the pressure pot is that it can operate quite effectively with low compressed air volumes.

Standard Features:

  • Constructed from 14 and 16 swg reinforced steel
  • Powder coated
  • Left hand access door.
  • Reinforced mesh floor.
  • High quality blast gun with Tungsten carbide nozzle.
  • Air wash gun.
  • Extraction air inlet ducts.
  • 300mm Rotary work table.
  • Roll in roll out table extension.
  • Twin cartridge dust extraction.
  • Leg mounted air regulator and pressure dial.
  • Large base foot pedal.
  • Easy access armholes.

What is Shot Blasting?

Shot Blasting can be used as a catch all term for a wide range of similar industrial processes. It is also called abrasive cleaning or abrasive surface finishing. During the shot blasting process a media material is fired at an object to remove remove burrs, flashing, paint, scale or rust and clean and smooth (or sometimes intentionally roughen) the surface.

There are several mechanical methods used to propel the media material including using compressed air or water streams, or airless methods such as wheel blasting.

The media used also differs depending on the results needed but the catch all term is shot, hence shot blasting. The shape, size and weight of the media will determine the outcome. Frequently a metal shot is used including steel grit, copper shots, and aluminum pellets. Some methods of shot blasting use silica sand (sand blasting - not in some countries due to health risks), glass beads (bead blasting), sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) or crushed nuts shells or kernels.

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