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Cuccolini S.R.L. Vibratory Sieve Separation / Sorting / Decks

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Cuccolini S.R.L.
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Excellent Condition, Unused, Current Model
2 decks / 3 outlets
Vibration Sorting Separating Sieve
Other Info
Mesh Surface 1500 mm2
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
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External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
1950 x 1860 x 1300


The Cuccolini VTU line is a range of Tumblers that are separator used for classifying and de-dusting fine, dry, non-sticky materials at a high capacity and efficiency.

It achieves up to 99% efficiency for a particle size range between 1,000 μm & 25 μm for materials in the food, pharmaceutical, metal powders and aggregate industries.

Cuccolini's VTU separators are an alternative to vibrating sieve technology for fragile materials that require gentler screening with high throughputs.

Tumbler's often have an increased mesh lifetime compared to standard vibrating sieves due to an operating principle of slower acceleration exerted on to the particles.

This slow acceleration enables the material to remain on the mesh for longer. This movement increases separation efficiency with the additional benefit of avoiding both the degradation of the product and the creation of additional fine material


  • Highly efficient classification and de-dusting of fragile materials between 1,000 μ & 25μ
  • The number of decks can be easily changed
  • Straight through design
  • Simple to clean & maintain
  • Manufactured in Stainless Steel Contact parts
  • FDA approved seals & gaskets
  • Atex certified

ADVANTAGES: One of the most significant advantages of the sieves and screening equipment from Cuccolini is the versatility of our product range, ideal for fine, very fine and liquid products. The range of the sieves equipped with the MFV (Multi-Frequency Vibration) outstands. The sieves equipped with the MFV technology (Screen X sieves) is capable of processing the most fine particles as well as materials that tend to clog the meshes with other conventional technologies.

FEATURES: Another interesting feature from the Cuccolini range of products is the versatility of our machines, with optimum results for wet and dry, fine or coarse products. Products such as: fertilizers, sewage sludge, clays, all sort of sands, compost, ceramic derivates, etc.

Cuccolini sieves and screening machines are silent, fast and easy to maintain. Our sieving machinery is unique in the way meshes can be replaced or exchanged in one minute through our easy-to-open system (no screws used).

USES: This range of machines is specially designed for bakeries, recycling facilities, pharmaceutical, chemical industry, Animal food industry, quarries and mining in general, and in general any application entailing either dry or wet products or by-products. From 100 mm in particle size down to 10 microns.



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