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Donaldson Torit (DCE) DCE Unicell C20 Pleated Filter Cassette Reverse Pulse Dust Extractor

Stock No
Donaldson Torit (DCE)
Unicell C20
Good Condition
Approx Duty CFM / M³/Hr
1750 // 3000 TBC
Filter Area ft² / m²
172.22 ft2 // 16M2
Other Info
4 Modules, Pleated Filter Cassette
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
1470 x 1340 x 2540


The Donaldson Torit® DCE® Unicell dust collector accommodates a variety of applications and air volumes in small and large manufacturing facilities whilst conserving plant floor space. Unicell dust collector offers up to 25% more media via this highly efficient dust collection system.

Principle of operation

Dust-laden air is ducted into the chamber containing the filter modules, where it impinges on all their outer surfaces. A layer of dust builds up on the outside of the modules as the air itself passes through the media. The clean air emerges from the outlet header of each filter module into the cleaned air chamber and from there it is discharged, normally via the fan, to atmosphere. At regular intervals, governed by the controller, each filter module in turn receives a short burst of compressed air from its respective jet tube. The jet tube has a series of small-diameter jet orifices positioned adjacent to the outlet header of each module. These orifices are of an optimum size and distance from the filter module, ensuring that a large volume of air is induced by each injection of compressed air. This causes a brief, powerful reversal of airflow through the filter module, effectively dislodging the dust layer which then falls into the discharge hopper. In this way the pressure drop across the whole collector is kept at a virtually constant level, enabling the Unicell dust collector to operate continuously, twenty four hours a day.

 Description and Range

The Unicell is an automatic reverse-jet cleaned type of dust collector, designed to handle large quantities of dust-laden air, and is capable of continuous operation over extended periods. This reverse-jet cleaning system, which functions during the normal course of operation, not only serves to maintain optimum filtering efficiency at all times, but enables the collector to operate at a constant rating ñ in that it maintains a uniform pressure drop across the collector. The basis of the Unicell is a filter section comprising a group of filter modules mounted on a sealed frame. The modules are fitted side by side and the individual sealing arrangement effectively separates the dirty (inlet) side of the collector from the clean (outlet) side, as shown in Figure 14. Removal of filter modules is always carried out from the clean side of the collector. The Unicell dust collector is available in a range of sizes all available with or without fan and 80 litre dust container, rotary valve hopper or upstand for aperture mounting. An acoustic diffuser is fitted as standard on collectors with fan. A secondary filter can be fitted to Unicell collectors handling hazardous dusts, enabling filtered air to be recirculated safely back into the working area. It also acts a fail-safe device should the main filter modules become damaged. For special applications absolute (HEPA) filters are available (details on request). With certain dusts the filtered air must not be recirculated ñ if in doubt refer to Donaldson or the appropriate Health and Safety authorities. Each secondary filter panel is inserted through an access door in the fan section and sealed tightly in position by the locating mechanism. A secondary or absolute filter monitor can be supplied to measure the pressure drop across the filter which will indicate the filter condition and when maintenance is required. 

Secondary Panel Filter.

  • The secondary panel filter is lightweight yet sturdy , contain superior filter media.

Filter Cleaning System.


  • Positioned in the clean side of the collector is a series of full-length jet tubes having small-diameter jet orifices located adjacent to the outlet header of each filter module. The open end of each tube is connected to a compressed air valve, the closed end is flattened and crimped, and is secured by a bolt and nut. The compressed air is supplied to each jet tube via a diaphragm valve, the opening and closing of which is controlled by a solenoid-operated pilot valve connected to the diaphragm vent by a flexible nylon tube. The solenoid valves are energised sequentially by electrical pulses generated by the controller.
  • Working compressed air pressure 3.7 bar 55 psig
  • Atmospheric air volume - 12 second intervals 7.3 m³/h 4.3 cfm
  • Pulse duration 100 millisec.
  • Minimum pipe diameter ½" NB (12)

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