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Almco Supersheen Horizontal DB200 Barreling Machine

Stock No
PROV175 65
From a working environment, Seen working by RSW, Good Condition, Seen powered at RSW
790AF x 1000 hex (13.8 cu.ft / 390Ltrs)
Rotary Deburring and polishing machine
Other Info
Separate Door & Product Load/unload cart
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
1850 x 1740 x 2020


Almco Barreling Machine

The compact DB200 deburring and polishing machine is designed to take up the least amount of floor space possible. Ideal for batch parts finishing, larger individual parts, part-on-part finishing, delicate parts, or parts and media that are not compatible with vibratory finishing.

These machines process parts by rotating them in a multi-sided, heavy-gauge steel barrel that is also filled with processing media or compounds. The tumbling action inside the barrel deburrs the parts, as the top section of media continuously slides down the incline created from the barrel rotation. Cycle times are often a fraction of other finishing equipment.

The barrel rotation is powered by a Kasug 3.7 kW inverter and provides infinitely variable barrel speed control through the speed dial control located on the outside of the control panel. The barrel is driven by a direct chain drive to prevent drive slippage during the speed ramp up / ramp down part of the process.

The machine is supplied with a loading/unloading chute and a set of four mesh filter screens.

  • 790AF  x 1000 hex (13.8 cu.fT)
  • Mild Steel Horizontal hexagonal heavy duty.
  • Kasug 3.7 kW inverter and provides infinitely variable barrel speed.


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