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Airflow Group Gas Fired Industrial Box Oven

Stock No
Airflow Group
Special Design Box Oven
0711202 (Gas burner)
From a working environment
Internal Size (WxDxH mm) [?]
3240 x 960 x 2000
Max Temp
Other Info
NOTE: 2m Wide Door Entry to work Chamber
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
4310 x 1370 x 2820


Airflow Box & Batch Oven

Airflow Ovens are of the hot air recirculation type, with the interior being heated by a fan assisted natural gas fired convection process. The heated air is constantly recycled around the Oven’s interior to maintain temperature uniformity.

Fuel consumption is considerably lower than would be expected with the other types of oven such as Electric, Radiant of Infra Red. This is because in normal use, the oven operates at considerably reduced power to simply maintain its internal temperature.

Airflow Premier oven systems offer simple and very accurate digital temperature control. The ovens are exceptionally fuel efficient and responsive due largely to the utilisation of the latest burner technology as well as the oven‘s fully integrated, insulated construction.


Airflow Premier Ovens are intended for all Industrial Drying, Stoving, Curing and Heating applications from 30˚C to 200˚C Centigrade.

These include:

  • Paint and powder Stoving
  • Epoxy/Polyester Powder Curing
  • Lacquer Drying
  • Hydrosetting
  • Moisture removal
  • Plastic Curing
  • Rubber softening
  • Metal annealing
  • Composite Curing


  • Unique high efficiency Thermal design.
  • Superior production results due to very even oven temperature profiles.
  • Unique High Volume Low Pressure hot air circulation system.
  • Mono frame meaning relocation is as simple as plug and play.
  • Rapid heat up and recovery times.
  • Designed for rapid turnaround of multi-batch products.
  • Circulation fan motor 2.2kW, 1420 rev min, 415 volt.
  • Powered exhaust.

Bentone BG 200 Gas Burner 

  • Gas Burner serviced by Blaney gas engineers.
  • 105kW (2 stage TBC) 
  • Serial Number 0711202.
  • Type BG200
  • Fuel - Nat gas.
  • Control Circuit 230v, 50hz, Single phase.

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