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Donaldson Torit (DCE) Food Grade Stainless Steel UMA 454 K11 Comprehensive Self Contained Dust Collector

Stock No
Donaldson Torit (DCE)
UMA454 k11
Year of Manufacture
Seen working by RSW, Excellent Condition, Current Model, Seen powered at RSW
Approx Duty CFM / M³/Hr
3500 // 6000
Filter Area ft² / m²
450 ft2 // 45M2
Other Info
ATEX compliant explosion relief panels
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
1600 x 970 x 3100


Donaldson Torit (DCE) UMA 454 K11 Dust Extractor

A self-contained collector with everything needed to begin collecting dust, the Unimaster comes complete with fan and fan motor, automatic shaker and shaker motor, and system controller making installation quick and easy. 7.5kw /10Hpfan. 

This pre owned DCE Unimaster 454 dust collector from Donaldson Torit is designed to maximise dust collection and the life of the collector components for years of extended service, the Unimaster collector’s compact design and quiet in operation providing efficient, trouble-free service.

Since the automatic shaker cleans the bag filters, there is no need for expensive compressed air. Ideal for intermittent operations in plant processes, the Unimaster can be used as a central system or at the point of dust generation.

Design features

  • Stainless Steel suitable for pharmaceutical and food Industry.
  • 7.5kw / 10hp self continued centrifugal fan 
  • Compact design minimises floor space and fits in virtually any plant layout.
  • Versatility to suit a variety of dust collection application.
  • Quiet & Efficient Operation.
  • Shaker motor and fan are enclosed in collector housing to minimize noise.
  • Easy Maintenance.
  • 2 x 2ft³ collection buckets, quick-release bucket levers allows for easy removal and maintenance of bin.
  • Inlet Deflector knocks down larger particles into the hopper reducing bag abrasion and increasing bag filter life.
  • 2 x 300mm inlet positions.
  • Heavy-duty flexible metal inner bag coils inserted into filter bags keeps bags open to maximize airflow and assist in knocking dust off during cleaning cycle.
  • Bag-Release Screws allow for easy removal of bags.
  • Explosion relief panel for use with ATEX rated dusts. Also with s/s upscoop deflector to allow siting inside in the production area.

How do Dust Extractors Work?

Dust collection systems work in a variety of different ways but all have general principles in common. They draw process dust and particulates from the air through a filter that first captures and separates the matter, and then discharges decontaminated air back into the workplace or environment.

Dust extractors are used in many different and varied industries and so different demands are made of them; however all have common components such as a blower (or fan), dust filter, filter cleaning system, dust container and dust removal system.

Five common types of dust collection equipment are fabric filter baghouses, inertial separators (like mechanical cyclones), cartridge collectors, wet scrubbers, and electrostatic precipitators.

What are Shaker Dust Collectors?

Shaker Dust Collectors contain a number of woven bags, which are fixed onto rails and use their surface area to capture dust as it is drawn through the extraction unit by its fan.

Bags are periodically cleaned by rapidly shaking the bags through a shaker motor and linkage system which removes the filtered dust from the bags and into a collection bin.

These units are commonly used in foundries, steel mills, the mining industry, power plants, and smelting industries.

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