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Dustraction Dust Extractor

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Price [?]
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Dustraction / Catinair Dust Extractor
Seen working by RSW, Good Condition
Stock No
Dust Extractor
Year of Manufacture
Seen working by RSW, Good Condition
Approx Duty CFM / M³/Hr
23,543CFM // 40,000m3/H
Filter Area ft² / m²
2358ft2 // 220M3
Other Info
Gravity Drop Hopper
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
4000Kg (approx)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
Ø4000 mm approx.


This is a Dustraction / Catinair dust extraction system designed and manufactured to remove wood dust and particles from a wood working production facility.

The fan discharges the air into a Catinair cyclone filter system which is made with a total of 110 filter sleeves, each sleeve is approx.. Ø170mm and 3750mm long.


  • Filter sleeves are Cyclopex cyclofilters mainly used in the woodworking industry and are used to prevent pollution in a workshop from machining processes which create dust and chips. Polyester 400GR antistatic filters with snap ring and metal bottom or SHE5A7 filter bag, antistatic and Hydro oleophobic with metal bottom filters are readily available.
  • Filter cleaning is done via a compressed air cleaning system controlled via the cattinair PSI16 system


  • The 1400rev/min 75kW motor powers a large cyclonic fan via a vee belt.

Main Body

  • The main body of the extractor is constructed from mild steel and is approx. 4M in diameter. There is a bottom ducting pipe (250mm approx.) to facilitate the removal of the larger particles that fall to the bottom of the cyclone. The system is designed so that a second waste transfer fan moves the waste from the bottom of the hopper to a waste storage silo/ hopper.
  • There is a small inspection hatch towards the bottom of the body with a second hatch to the opposite side. Access steps ladders are fitted with the safety rail surround leading to the upper part of the filter for maintenance.
  • The system has a winter / summer setting to enable warm air to be used in the winter or ejected during the warmer weather.
  • Diameter of unit is approx. 4M and the unit weighs around 4 Tons.


  • Woodworking
  • Cereals
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Metal

 Technical Spec.

  • 23,500CFM  // 40,000m³/H
  • Filter Area 2360ft² // 220M³
  • There is a gravity drop hopper at the base and a 250mm diameter ducting is used to extract the dust.

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