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Nordson Automated Powder Delivery, Recovery & Fire Suppression

Stock No
ColorMax Prodigy
Year of Manufacture
From a working environment, Seen working by RSW, Excellent Condition
Work Envelope (WxDxH mm) [?]
350 x 6,550 x 2,000
Process Stages
14 Auto Guns + 2 manual Touch up
Other Info
Complete powder feed, coating & recovery
Doncaster, UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
2500 x 8150 x 4550


This plant was originally advertised via our Direct From Site service but has now been professionally decommissioned and moved to our warehouse.
The photographs show the installation on site to give the best indication of the scale and format of this plant.
This plant is part of GA835S Nordson ColorMax® Prodigy Powder Booth so no individual price is available.

Please note installation of a new system with this specification would be £200,000+ demonstrating the value this plant offers today.

Prodigy Powerport Feed Center

The Prodigy Powder Port is a powder feed centre expressly designed for use in Prodigy Powder Coating Systems. It supplies powder to Prodigy Manual and Automatic Spray Guns and can be used with both spray-to-waste and reclaim systems. Of the two system designs offered,  this standard has an extract hood connected via ductwork to the main system after filter.

The after filter exhaust fan generates the airflow through the feed centre and carries the waste powder to the after filter. Mounted to the side of the enclosure is housed a single pump panel. The pump panel can hold up to 8 Prodigy HDLV spray gun pumps, one per spray gun. The pump panel is hinged to the enclosure so it can be swung out to provide access to the pumps and the feed centre control panel. The pump control manifolds and circuit boards are housed inside the panels.

 The Prodigy automatic spray gun pumps are configured and controlled by the Prodigy iControl system. Manual spray gun pumps are configured and controlled by Prodigy Manual Gun Controllers. The powder is supplied to the gun pumps from a single lance and a fluidized bed feed hopper with a capacity of 26.7 kg (50 lb) of powder. Prodigy High-Capacity HDLV transfer pump delivers reclaimed and virgin powder to the vibratory sieve. The screened powder falls into the feed hopper. Both pumps are supplied with operating and purge pilot air from the feed centre solenoid valve assembly

Nordson Downflow Reverse Pulse16 Cartridge Dust Extractor

The 16 pleated filter cartridge collector is a dust collection system specifically engineered for powder coating applications.

The reverse pulse system of this 16 oval cartridge collector uses a variety of commercially available filters making dust and fume filtration more efficient compact and cost-effective.

Optimum filter efficiency is maintained by automatically backwashing the filter elements with a 90 psi high-pressure jet of compressed air whilst the plant is still running removing the contaminants and depositing them quickly into the waste collection hoppers whereby they are held until released for waste collection.

Main features:

  • “Plug and Go” unit
  • 37kW power requirement
  • Closed coverage type (complete system) and quiet operation
  • High-performance Oval cartridge filters and efficient filter media
  • Fast and easy installation, easy maintenance with quick access filters
  • Energy cost saving due to low energy requirements

Nordson Downflow Cartridge Dust Collectors Features and Advantages

  • Lower pressure 
  • Airflow 11,771 cfm // 20,000  m3/hr
  • Fully integrated system
  • Integral Fan and motor
  • factory pre-wired, 
  • reverse pulse cleaning mechanism and control board
  • “Plug and Go” unit
  • No extra ductwork between unit and fan
  • Cleaning mechanism protected from external elements
  • Quick access for easy filter changes
  • Quick-release dust disposal system
  • Fan silencer for low noise operation
  • Flat sidewalls
  • Outside installation possible

STS Co2 Fire Suppression Cabinet With fire eye safety detection and Co2 fire suppression injection system  

  • High flow cylinder valve
  • Automatic or manual operation
  • Pilot cylinder acting solenoid operating system

The extinguishing of fires using carbon dioxide was developed over 80 years ago. Accumulated experience gained through thousands of installations in power plants, industrial plants, oil refineries, electronic processes, on ships and in a wide variety of hazardous areas

Nordson Vibratory Feed Unit

The Nordson Tilt Table system is designed to load powder to the working feeders directly from a bag, loaded on to the vibrant plane of the machine.

The plane is then inclined by mechanical cylinder in order to assist the movement of the powder towards the suction lift pumps. 

The support system of pumps makes the replacement operations of the powder container easier.

The system has controls and all the electropnuematic and control components in order to guarantee correct functioning of the machine.

Prodigy Generation II HDLV Pump

The Prodigy® HDLV® (high density, low velocity) powder coating pumps use dense-phase technology to propel more powder with less compressed air for high transfer efficiency and material savings.

The Prodigy HDLV gun pump moves powder to the spray gun with less air velocity resulting in softer delivery, minimal overspray, higher transfer efficiency, and greater material savings.

The Prodigy II HDLV high-capacity pump can be used for virgin or reclaim powder feed. It utilizes less compressed air, 

The Prodigy HDLV gun pump moves powder to the spray gun with less air velocity resulting in softer delivery, minimal overspray, higher transfer efficiency, and greater material savings.

The Prodigy II HDLV high-capacity pump can be used for virgin or reclaim powder feed. It utilizes less compressed air, 

  • Includes the gun pump and the high-capacity pump, which are purgeable in both directions - suction and delivery
  • An operator-friendly, see-through design provides easy diagnostics
  • No moving parts or seals facilitate easy maintenance
  • Delivers three times the powder of a venturi-style transfer pump to speeds colour change time

Further Specification

This plant is included as part of GA835S Nordson ColorMax® Prodigy Powder Booth with full recovery system so does not have an individual price.

pdf icon Print / Download Nordson Automated Powder Delivery, Recovery & Fire Suppression Datasheet

Additional files

Layout Drawing

Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.