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Vacublast (Wheelabrator) Waffle Floor, Multi Station, Pressure Fed, Twin Gun, Shotblasting Room

Stock No
Vacublast (Wheelabrator)
Year of Manufacture
Seen working by RSW, Excellent Condition
Work Envelope (WxDxH mm) [?]
4.41m x 1.98m x 2.52m high
Work Handling Method
Walk in plus 4 manual stations
Other Info
Internal Area:4.41m x 1.98m x 2.52m high
Brough, Yorkshire, UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
4500 x 2100 x 2800mm


** High Standard Professional Removals to begin July through to August 2021  **

Wheelabrator Vacublast Waffle Floor Shot Blast Cleaning Facility

A wonderful example of a waffle floor blast room, produced by one of the world-leading suppliers of blast equipment.

The plant consists of a waffle floor blast room, media reclamation system, and reverse type dust extractions system.

The main assemblies consist of 


The walls are manufactured from double-skinned 18swg galvanized panels, fully insulated, and joined together to produce a smooth interior surface, with all joints fully sealed to ensure air-tight joints.

Access to the blastroom is through a pair of hinged doors with similar construction to the room. The doors close on a special seal that prevent dust leakage and fitted with a door interlock that automatically cuts off the blasting operation, should the doors be opened during the blasting process. One door has a single viewing window made from toughened glass, with the right-hand door having a blanked panel which could be used as an additional viewing window if required. Door operation is made by a lever locking system, which can be operated both internally and externally.

The roof of the blastroom has four air inlet panels, each with a square filter that can be replaced from above. Four 70 watt T8 fluorescent light units are fitted into the roof and sealed off with toughened glass to prevent dust ingress.

There a four external operating positions positioned along the long wall of the blastroom. Each position has a pair of armholes with built-in gloves and a viewing window manufactured from toughened glass. Inside the blastroom is a hinged table at each of the four operating stations. There are two blast guns operating across the four blast stations and each operated by a 'deadmans handle'

Waffle Floor Assembly

The waffle floor assembly consists of a number of small hoppers arranged in a series of rows, connected at their top edges to cover the whole floor area.

Each of these hoppers has drain holes at its base and the interspace below these hoppers is connected to form media recovery ducts from the hoppers. this manifold pick-up ducting forms a common connection to the media recovery ductwork, which in turn is connected to the reclaimer inlet.

In operation, the air is continuously drawn into the connecting ducts from the hoppers, thus producing downdraught ventilation inside the room

A pair of reinforced rails run the full length of the room and are set into the mesh floor so that the trolley can be loaded outside the blast room. Grooved wheels on the trolley ensure good engagement and allow products to be both loaded and unloaded outside of the blastroom The maximum load of these rails is 250kg. 

Media Reclamation unit

The first stage of reclamation consists of a cyclone, which separates fine dust from heavier particles. This fine dust is transferred to the dust extractor for removal. Heavier particles and debris continue to an air wash and screening process before being transferred to a 120-litre pot manufactured by Effrest Stahlbechbaum, for reuse.

Dust Extraction

The dust management system for the blastroom is carried out by a FARR 4DX dust extractor. with a motor rating of 15kW and producing an airflow of 2500cfm, this extraction unit has 4 pleated filter cartridges, managed by a reverse air pulse cleaning system and a 2 cuft waste bucket located at the bottom of the unit. Filter condition monitoring is made through a Magnehelic differential pressure gauge.

Domnick Hunter BA-2010 Breathing Air Purifier

The Domnick Hunter BA-2010 is designed to produce breathing air quality to a higher level specified in BS4275:1974  and is used when the operator must enter the confined space of the Blastroom. The unit designed for field service, being completely pneumatic in operation and incorporating five purification stages.

Former BAE Systems Machinery

This plant is one of several machines acquired during BAE System's reorganisation of their manufacturing facility at Brough, UK.
Their worldwide reputation for quality is reflected in the machinery and maintenance of their manufacturing plant.
Many of these machines include features that are necessary for the manufacture and servicing of high quality aviation and aerospace components,
but can provide a benefit to any industry.

Machine Technical Data


Compressed air consumption

2.5m3/min @ 7 bar (100 psi)

Power supply

415 volts 3 phase (dust collector)

230volt single-phase (lighting)

Power consumption

15kW dust extractor

1.12kW lighting

Enclosure Lighting

Fluorescent lights in the roof of the blast room

Nozzles (3 off)

7.9mm bore/boron

Blast media

White aluminium oxide – 90 – 100 mesh (current)

Media capacity

120 liters (4 cuft)

Recovery system

Multi hopper floor with takeoff manifold and ducting reclaimer

Dust Collector

Reverse Jet cleaning type 2400cfm@ 18”wg

External dimensions

4.41m x 1.98m x 2.52m high

Internal dimensions

4.26m x 1.83m x 2.44m high

Trolley, manually operated

3m x 1m x 1m high

Wall curtains

3mm antistatic rubber

Breathing system

Domnick hunter BA-2010 Breathing air purifier


Dust extractor:

manufacturer - FARR
s/n - 904/827
YoM - 1997
415v / 3ph / 50Hz
dims: 1500 x 1350 x 3400mm
incl. duct and stand o/a dims - 2600 x 1500 x 3400mm

s/n - 4832
YoM - 1996
dims - 1570 x 1570 x 4080mm

air purifier:
s/n - 091/379958
max. pressure - 10.0bar / 145psi
max temp. - 50°C
weight - 37kgs

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