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Cooperheat Exceptional Temperature Range Electric Oven/Furnace

Used / Second Hand

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From a working environment, Good Condition
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Front loading Vertical Door
Year of Manufacture
From a working environment, Good Condition
Internal Size (WxDxH mm) [?]
900 x 1400 x 650mm
Max Temp
430 -1050°C
Other Info
Recently passed AMS 2750 E survey
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
1850 x 2500 x 3650mm


** High Standard Professional Removals to begin July through to August 2021  **

Cooperheat Single Zone Heat Treatment Furnace

The Cooperheat Electric single zone heat treatment Furnace design uses an arrangement of spiral heater elements located on either side of the heating chamber and provides the best possible control of heat transfer, temperature uniformity, and fuel efficiency.

The hot face of the furnace is constructed using low mass ceramic fiber panels, 1400 grade, installed at a density of 170kg/ m3 in the sidewalls and roof. This lining design is well proven in use and provides a stable, shrink-resistant structure. Access is gained through the singular front vertically opening a counterbalanced and electrically powered door. The door is secured with a quick-release locking clamp and is further fitted with a heater interlock and safety bolt for when the door is raised.

A powered Inconel air circulation fan is located in the roof of the furnace to ensure temperature uniformity at lower temperature levels
Heating is supplied through a twin bank of Incoloy sheathed elements distributed evenly along both sides of the chamber.

The firing of the furnace is made by using Multi Leg Spiral Elements mounted on ceramic support tubes which will be in the sides of the furnace. There are 5 thermocouples located in the chamber, which carry out temperature control, over-temperature, and zone monitoring/recording

The instruments and controls are housed in a freestanding panel adjacent to the furnace within a distance of 2m, containing furnace controllers, over-temperature controller, and indicators. Also housed in the panel will be Contactors, Main switch fuse, Control relays, thyristor control. This oven has recently passed an AMS 2750 E survey (cert no 807608GP - 27th Oct 2020)

Adjacent to the oven is an oil quench tank, for occasional quenching of smaller products, as desired. The mild steel tank is supplied with thermocouples and steel cover

Equipment for Electric Heating comprising:

  • Set spiral elements mounted on ceramic support tubes for sidewalls
  • Self-contained, fully assembled control panel containing the following main equipment
  • Temperature controller - Eurotherm 3504 series
  • Over-Temperature controllers - Eurotherm 1216
  • Eurotherm Thyrister Controller
  • Chino paper chart recorder
  • Set of pushbuttons and indicators
  • Set of fuses
  • Set of thermocouples and compensating cables

Former BAE Systems Machinery

This plant is one of several machines acquired during BAE System's reorganisation of their manufacturing facility at Brough, UK.
Their worldwide reputation for quality is reflected in the machinery and maintenance of their manufacturing plant.
Many of these machines include features that are necessary for the manufacture and servicing of high quality aviation and aerospace components,
but can provide a benefit to any industry.

Furnace Specification

  • Furnace type: Heat Treatment
  • Firing Temperatures:  180°C - for tempering (Normal)
  • 800°C - 900°C for hardening (Normal)
  • 1020ºC - 1050°C - for hardening (Maximum) 
  • 1050°C - Maximum Operating
  • Atmosphere: Oxidising
  • Fuel: Electric
  • Temperature Uniformity: 
  • Plus or minus 5°C < 750°C
  • Plus or minus 10°C ≥ 750°C
  • Power rating: 45kW
  • Thermocouples 5
  • Maximum charge weight: 500kg max
  • Dimensions Internal: 900 x 1400 x 650mm
  • Dimensions External: 1850 x 2500 x 3650mm

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