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DMG Electrostatic Systema

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DMG Electro static air filters use both Mechanical and Ionised air filtering. A mechanical filter removes larger particles then charged collectors plates are used  to remove air born particles and mist particles, clean air is exhausted out through a final filter medium.


The polluted air is drawn in through the pre filter, larger particles are caught in this,  this filter can be made for specific sizes of particles you require to be retained, i.e. different filters for different applications. All the in-coming particles are charged in the ioniser and are deflected and precipitated by an electrical field between the collector plates. The voltage applied to the collector and the ioniser can be adjusted to match the application. The clean air now flows through the post filter and is discharge out the exhaust.

When the machine is turned off it will continue to run for approx. 30 seconds drawing in air.

Areas of use

Manufacturing machines can be exhausted directly, the precipitated medium can flow directly back into the machine after cleaning or be collected in a separate tank. On machines with out any hoods or enclosures the medium, such as smoke or coolant mist vapors are sucked into the unit through  suitable ducting situated near to or on the machine.


  • Door Switch.
  • Air Pressure Controller.
  • Auto over-run (30 seconds approx.)
  • 0.75kW fan motor.

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Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.