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Donaldson Torit (DCE) Dalamatic Insertable Venting Unit Dust Collector

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Donaldson Dalmatic Dust Extraction
Brand New, Unused, Current Model
Swanley, U.K. BR8 7NA .
Stock No
Donaldson Torit (DCE)
Year of Manufacture
Brand New, Unused, Current Model
Approx Duty CFM / M³/Hr
500 - 3000CFM // 750 - 5000M3
Filter Area ft² / m²
270ft2 // 25M2
Other Info
Venting Unit Ideal as Silo Mounting
Swanley, U.K. BR8 7NA .
Weight (kgs)


The Dalamatic Insertable Venting Unit (DLMV) is a versatile collector that can be inserted into various applications, such as bins, silos, bunkers, storage vessels or transfer points. It is a continuous-duty dust collectors designed to handle the most difficult product recovery applications.

Dalamatic® dust collectors use a proven filter media comprised of a flat fabric bag manufactured to the highest tolerances. The bag is mounted on a unique wire frame to ensure optimum airflow and thorough cleaning of the fabric. The unique operation of the bag helps achieve high filtration efficiencies. First, dust accumulates on the outer surface of the bag as air penetrates the fabric. Next, the blow pipe (jet tube) injects a burst of compressed air into the filter bag. Airflow is then briefly reversed, inflating the bag and dislodging dust. Finally, the dislodged dust cake falls into the collection hopper for final removal or directly back into the process.

Features and Benefits 

Continuous collection

  • Provides continuous filtration of high dust concentrations at high filtration velocities and constant levels of resistance in almost any industry and application. 

Compact design

  • Unique modular design allows for installation in the most space restricted areas. Envelope shaped bags maximize the amount of media in a given space and allow for increased space between bags, minimizing the chances of bridging. 

Fewer Bag Changes

  • Proven envelope-shaped bags are scrim-supported singed polyester, promoting longer bag life.


  • A full range of sizes and types of bags are available for a wide variety of dust collection applications.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor locations
  • Compressed air requirements =4.1 bar
  • Reverse pulse cleaning at 12 sec intervals 7.4m³/h 4.3cfm

Donaldson Silo Roof Filter Specification

Original Application:

  • Tanker fed Silo Venting
  • Air volume: 2,300m³/hr @ 150mmWG total resistance
  • Filtration Velocity: 1.53m/min
  • Dust Type: Hydrated Lime
  • Explosion Class: No risk of explosion
  • Inlet Temperature: 20°C


To handle this duty we propose our Donaldson Dalamatic DLMV 25/12 W type reverse jet filter in an insertable form complete with the following specification:

  • Tetratex Anti-Static Filter Media
  • C200 pulse controller to IP66 spec - 105-115V AC or 200-240V AC 50/60 Hz or 24 Volt DC
  • Capri Blue RAL 5019 Single Pack, synthetic, zinc rich textured - semi gloss paint textured - semi gloss paint

  (See stock number EA1892 for a possible fan)

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