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JLS (Redditch) Ltd 72kw High Temperature Electric Oven

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From a working environment, Seen working by RSW, Good Condition
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JLS (Redditch) Ltd
Heat Treatment Oven
Year of Manufacture
From a working environment, Seen working by RSW, Good Condition
Internal Size (WxDxH mm) [?]
1500 x 1500 x 1300
Max Temp
Other Info
AMS 2750D Calibration Certification
RSW, Central Warehouse, WS9 8BG
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
3350 x 3330 x 4470


Very heavy duty JLS industrial horizontal air circulated oven

For use within the heat treatments and aerospace industries. This oven is suitable for various thermal treatment processes up to 590°C, e.g. drying, preheating, normalization, and other similar purposes. The oven can be applied in electronics, plastics, metal, and other branches of industry. The application of the air circulation in this design of oven ensures a good temperature distribution throughout the chamber for excellent temperature uniformity and fast cycle time heat treatment processes. This high performance is underpinned by a recent Temperature Uniformity Survey which confirms the performance of the oven to AMS2750D

This tried and tested design with the additional powered vertical uprising door, rear explosion relief panels with secondary mesh protection to control debris dispersal in event of an explosion, highlights the comprehensive features of this oven.

Due to the large chamber size and operating temperatures, above the door is a large, fan assisted extraction hood to remove heat and fumes once the door is opened, ensuring operator safety and rapid evacuation of residual heat from the chamber.

Former Rolls Royce Machinery

This plant is one of several machines acquired during Rolls Royce's reorganisation of their manufacturing facility at Inchinnan, UK.
Their worldwide reputation for quality is reflected in the machinery and maintenance of their manufacturing plant.
Many of these machines include features that are necessary for the manufacture and servicing of high quality engine components,
but can provide a benefit to any industry.


  • Control panel on the right side,
  • Ventilation/air circulation motor/fan arrangement mounted on the top of the oven.
  • Ventilation and exhaust flues with flow control dampers
  • Insulated with mineral rock wool (complete absence of any asbestos),
  • Inside casing manufactured from 304 stainless steel,
  • Outside casing in mild powder coated steel sheet steel.
  • Electrically powered door opening, with dual safety hand switches
  • The door safety isolation switch cuts the power to the heating elements if the door is opened,
  • Eurotherm digital dual display temperature control, 
  • OTP (over-temperature protection) on the control panel,
  • Close control of the heating profile

Technical Specifications

  • Chamber volume 2900 Litres
  • Maximum Load: 2000 kg (2 Tonne)
  • Rated power not more than 75 kW
  • Rated supply voltage Volt 400
  • Rated frequency Hz 50
  • Number of phases-3
  • Continuous operating temperature °C 50 – 590
  • Maximum  temperature 590°C 
  • Working chamber material - Stainless steel 
  • Airflow- horizontal
  • Temperature stability in the working chamber at a rated temperature in thermal steady state without charge not more than ± °C 1
  • Temperature uniformity in working space at rated temperature in thermal steady state without charge not more than± °C 5
  • Thyristor control over element rating
  • Eurotherm Chessell E600E Recorder


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