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2021 Significant Upgrade to Control System Alkaline Zinc Barrel and Rack Plating Line

Direct From Site Clearance

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Please call on +44 (0) 1922 45 8000
Part of a Direct Site Clearance
Alkaline Zinc Barrel and Rack Plating Line & Equipment at Bott Ltd
Bude, Cornwall, UK
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800//1440 x 1400 x 1000
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Bude, Cornwall, UK


Significant Upgrade to Alkaline Zinc Barrel and Rack Plating Line & Equipment at Bott Ltd

Bott Automatic Plating Line

Control System Upgrade

  • The automatic control system on this plating line has recently been subject to a full upgrade with the original 20 year old hardware and software completely replaced. This is a major benefit to any prospective purchasers.
  • The new hardware is supplied by Siemens, comprising a Simatic S7-1200 PLC system linked to a TP 1500 Comfort touch screen HMI. This offers high performance visualisation applications on the machine level and is the operator interface for entering and receiving information.
  • The control system is user friendly and simplicity itself, through a menu driven system with a series of screens each dedicated to the various functions of the machine.
  • When the line is running the default display is a live mimic diagram, which shows the status of the tanks, any alarm conditions, the movements of the transporter in real time along with time remaining in critical processes such as electroplating.
  • On the Home Page there is a Log In/ Log Out facility for each operator for security and prevent unauthorised access and limit modification of key process parameters.
  • There is a dedicated screen called I/O Status which shows all the modules of the PLC in diagrammatic form and the live actual status of all the inputs and outputs. This is of great benefit to plant maintenance engineers when fault finding.
  • The Alarm screen logs occurrences of all plant alarms along with a time stamp, this is useful for understanding any recurring errors to see if a pattern emerges that would assist diagnostics of the possible causation.

The following are examples of the comprehensive screen functionally available:

  • Heating Screen: To set the required working temperature in each heated tank along with hysteresis and high/low alarm limits.
  • Time Switch Screen: To enable pre-set programmes of line working week times with automatic switching of the heaters to avoid loss of production due to heat up times.
  • Transporter Screen: To set lift and lower alarm times etc.
  • Extraction Screen: To enable automatic start-up of fume extraction based on actual temperatures in heated processes for energy saving.
  • Sequences Screen: There are a number of process recipes entered into the system, for Rack Plating, Barrel Plating and alternative Passivation finishes. These are shown on this screen.
  • Rectifier Screen: To enter the set points for each rectifier on electrolytic stations.
  • Dosing Screen: To enter the set points for each dosing pump on electrolytic stations, both dosing interval based on ampere time and pump run duration in real time.
  • Tank Reset Screen. Enables entry of actual starting positions of flight bars and barrel rigs on the line.

This is a brief overview of the system capabilities.

We have attached copies of operation and instruction manuals for the new control system which we are informed are available on site at Bott Ltd and will be provided to the Buyer of the equipment.

The above specification forms part of 

Alkaline Zinc Barrel and Rack Plating Facility comprising

The whole available for just £235,000 + VAT

To register an interest for the whole, or individual components, please contact Helen on +44 (0)1922 458000

pdf icon Print / Download 2021 Significant Upgrade to Control System Alkaline Zinc Barrel and Rack Plating Line Datasheet

Additional files

Operating Manual

Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.