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Semi Lab WT-2000 Bench Lifetime Measurement System

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Solar Panel Wafer & Semiconductor Machinery
From a working environment, Excellent Condition, Current Model
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From a working environment, Excellent Condition, Current Model
Wafers upto 300mm
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Tabletop ideal for mid range fabs & Labs
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
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Mounted into mobile work station


Semi Lab WT-2000 Bench Lifetime Measurement System

The WT product line is a powerful measurement platform for performing many different semiconductor material characterization measurements.

The base system includes all the overhead functions necessary to perform characterization measurements, including power supplies, computer and operating software, X-Y measurement stage and so on.

The WT-2000 is typically used to make maps, where the wafer is scanned at a programmable raster. Each system is configured to the user’s requirements by adding treatment and measurement capabilities.

The WT-2000 is a tabletop tool, suggested for mid-range fabs and laboratories.

This machine is part of our unique Solar Panel Wafer & Semiconductor Machinery event.

This event is a complete working cell of equipment used in the manufacture of the BP Solar Saturn Cell (Laser Grooved Buried Contact) for solar concentrator systems by Solar Capture Technologies, UK. This successful R&D process is now being industrialised and this unique collection of machinery is surplus to requirements. 

Significant Benefits for you

Huge price discount compared to new

Available now - No manufacturer lead times
Moved to our central warehouse for convenience of sale and viewing

Individual pieces or full cell available to purchase

// Available as a whole for discounted cost of just £175,000 including spares //

// Individual machinery pieces listed for a total £300,000. Priced to sell! //

// Mesh belt furnaces by separate negotiation //

Features and System Specifications:

  • Wafer size: up to 300 mm with bare or dielectric coated surface
  • Wafer handling: manual or Semilab-made indexer
  • Loading options:
    • 100-200 mm cassette indexer
    • 300 mm 13 slot cassette indexer, including open cassettes for 100-300 mm wafers
    • 300 mm 25 slot cassette indexer, including FOUP, FOSB, and open cassettes for 100-300 mm wafers
  • Objectives of detection:
    • Impurities due to heavy metal and transition metal contamination
    • Crystal defects
    • Optional iron concentration determination both in CZ and FZ wafers
  • No wafer thickness limitation
  • Fast measurement speed
  • High lateral resolution
  • Required surface passivation: thermal oxide, chemical passivation or corona charging

Each system can be configured based on the user’s requirements by adding measurement capabilities and automation capabilities described below.

Measurement capabilities:

pdf icon Print / Download Semi Lab WT-2000 Bench Lifetime Measurement System Datasheet

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