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Rosler Automatic Wet Aqua Blast Machine

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Rosler Automatic Wet Aqua Blast Machine
From a working environment, Seen working by RSW, Good Condition
North Walsham, Norfolk, UK
Stock No
2 Axis Aqua Blast Machine
Year of Manufacture
From a working environment, Seen working by RSW, Good Condition
Work Envelope (WxDxH mm) [?]
Door aperture 1680 x 1190
Work Handling Method
Semi Automatic and Manual
Other Info
Simens Simatic OP17 Operator Panel
North Walsham, Norfolk, UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
3000 x 3850 x 2850


Vapor Blast Process

The cabinet is fitted with a SCHABAVER C65 horizontal pump size 2 inch. The inner part of the pump is protected with rubber. The casting is type Ni-Hard.

The pump is driven through a pair of pulleys and "V" rubber belting. Electrical motor LEROY SOMER to 415 volts - 50 HZ - 1500 RPM – 5,5kW.

Rösler Vapor Blast machines are able to work at up to 40% volume of solid/water in the abrasive water mixture.

The pump feeds a distribution feeder on the top of the machine via a large specific rubber pipe. The feeder distributes the mixture to the 8 nozzles and to the agitation of the bath.

8 Special Rösler Vapor Blast guns, model B21, with standard equipment abrasive nozzle - diameter 12 mm - and compressed air nozzle - diameter 4 mm will be provided.

Automatic Starting Sequence Including:

  • Injection of air in the main pipe between the pump and the hopper to move the glass bead.
  • Automatic closing valve and starting of the pump to activate the vacuum
  • Opening of the valve and start of process.

Automatic Cleaning Sequence of Pipes Including:

  • Closing of the valve between the pump and the hopper.
  • Injection of clean water into the system through the pump to clean all the pipes before stopping the machine
  • Draining system with remote control from front of the cabinet to empty the hopper.
  • Hydro cyclone device

Hydro Cyclone

Allows the spent water, to be cleaned to a higher than standard degree, to be reused as a window wash, and also keeps the added compound inhibitor at a concentration without dilution.

This is a closed water system that will have glass bead media, and inhibitor compound in solution.


The entire cabinet is made of stainless steel plate with thickness ranging from 2 to 4 mm, and includes necessary stiffening. The structure is entirely welded to ensure water-proofing, and fitted with a special patented hopper improving homogeneous mixture of water and abrasive and significantly improving process qualities.

The front of the cabinet has 1 viewing window with a rinsing system operated by a foot pedal.

Automatic cabinet with Manual Facility

On the side of the blasting chamber, a manual blasting access with additional manual blast gun facility,1 window, 2 openings with flexible rubber sleeves for operator arms, 2 foot pedal for blasting and cleaning the window and with a rinsing system by foot pedal. 1 protection door will be installed to cover the arm passages in order to prevent access during an automatic sequence.

The take off point of the sump to the slurry pump is fitted with a strainer including a magnetic plug to retain ferrous particles.

The by-pass for cabinet sump agitation is made of moulded rubber 

During operation the internal face of the viewing windows can be washed by remote control, also the filtration unit can be rinsed through use of a foot pedal.

Internal lighting is by fluorescent lamps 220-240 volts - 50 Hz - located in an external box in  the top part of the viewing window.

The cabinet comes with an external settling tank for sludge collection, and the waste water is returned to customer drain.

There is a low pressure fan system on top of the cabinet driven through an electric motor (3 Kw)


Heating is provided up to 9 kW, in increments of 3kW, thermostatically controlled, to selected heat setting.

 Loading and Unloading Station

The machine will be complete with a bogie table to handle the flat moulds. The loading is by fork lift, on to the bogie table, positioned inside the cabinet loading off-loading area. The movement of the Bogie Table is driven by an electrical actuator between 2 points. The  command is done by the operator with push buttons.

  • Bogie table (max load 400Kg).

The position of the Bogie table inside the cabinet is fixed by the electrical actuator and a fixed point (adjustable).

Reciprocating Arm Nozzles Holder

Up to 8 nozzles are fixed on an arm with a reciprocator that covers the length of the bogie table. All the mechanical elements are outside the cabinet on the roof.

The movement of the arm is made by an electrical actuator between two sensors. The speed of the arm is adjustable with a potentiometer.

Each of the nozzles on the arm is individually adjustable in position to allow the angle of blasting to be set precisely.


On the return action, cleaned water from the clean tank will rinse the product.

Water Removal

Upon completion of the blast cleaning and rinsing, fantail air jets will remove water residue, by use of compressed air


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