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Lamarflo Comprehensive Wet Etching Bench

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Semiconductor and Diffusion Equipment
Seen working by RSW, Excellent Condition
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Multi Function Wet Process Bench
Seen working by RSW, Excellent Condition
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Each stage 220 x 270 x 210
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Exceptional electronic industry standard
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
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2715 x 1420 x 1970


Lamarflo Wet Etching Bench

With many years of experience working in the Chemical and Process Industries, the Lamarflo  Acid Etch Bench, consists of a 6 station wet cleaning and etching process, used in semiconductor manufacturing or other high technology products. 

Each station consists of an acid tank and DI (de-ionized) water in a rinsing tank. Used in multiple industries such as PV and Semiconductor wafer manufacture or other substrates, usually in multiple batch sizes are immersed in a predetermined sequence.

Each station has a control panel which controls:

  • The supply of de-ionized water
  • The operation of an air sparge, which increases the efficiency of the wet etching process.
  • Solenoid activated tank drain. 
  • Water temperature

Bench fumes are managed by a common extraction ducting located at the rear of the bench, whilst de-ionized water quality is monitored by a Thornton 200CR Conductivity Resistivity Meter.


  • Display: 1 line x 16 characters backlit LCD. 
  • Measurements: resistivity, conductivity, °C, °F, total dissolved solids, % rejection, difference and ratio, %HCl, %NaOH, % H2SO4. 
  • Measurement Channels: 2
  • Signal Inputs per channel: 2 (total of 4 signals for measurement).
  •  Measurement Cycle Time: 1 second (4 measurements processed per second). 
  • Configuration: all setup information is stored in non-volatile memory.
  • Setpoints (alarms): 4 independent alarms programmable as high or low limits. 
  • Relays: up to 4 with programmable delay time and hysteresis. 
  • Outputs: 2 analog outputs (4-20mA). Communications: RS232/RS422 interface, bidirectional. External isolation required if using 240-501 sensor. 
  • Calibration: complete instrument, output, and sensor calibration. 
  • Calibration can be NIST traceable. 
  • Watchdog Timer: with a power supply monitor, to prevent unexpected instrument lockup.
  •  Built-In Diagnostics: several self-tests performed automatically and can be initiated at any time.

Each station also has alarm indicators for drain and drum full conditions. There is also a visual and audible extraction system alarm status.

Larmaflo Wet Benches are used in the manufacturing process of the following industries

  • Semiconductor
  • Solar
  • MEMS
  • LED
  • Bio-Medical
  • Disc Drive 


Cleaning and preparation

  • Examples: RCA clean, Standard clean (SC1 or SC 2), HF last


  • Etching films like Si, SiO2, doped silicate glass, Si3N4
  • Alkaline etching of crystalline using KOH, TMAH, EDP


  • Photoresist and residue removal


  • For solar cells and MEMS devices


  • Electroless and electrolytic applications
  • Chemistries include: copper, nickel, gold; more exotic requirements

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