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Rosler Z 800 HA-Turbo -Floc Water Treatment Plant

Stock No
Z800 HA-Turbo-Floc
From a working environment, Good Condition
Solution capacity 100 - 1200 l/h
Centrifuge Waste Water Clarifier
Other Info
18127 Run hours
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
1450 x 1800 x 1950


Rosler Z800 Centrifuge Waste Water Treatments Machine

The Rosler Z 800 HA-TURBO-Floc water treatments system is a proven process technology, for a wide range of applications, not only in the field of mass finishing

For environmental reasons, process water circulation is the preferred water treatment method for industrial applications.

The principle of the 2 – phase separation (solid/liquid phase) by centrifugal force is the foundation of modern process water cleaning systems. Proven process technology, combined with highly efficient treatment systems, opens up a wide range of applications, not only in the field of mass finishing

The effluent to be cleaned either flows directly from the mass finishing system to the centrifuge by gravity, or is transported to the centrifuge by a lifting (pump) station.

Larger solid particles are prevented from entering the collecting tank by a filter to prevent them from plugging up
and damaging the subsequent pumps.

A stirring device in the collecting tank maintains the solid fines in suspension. A powerful, low-maintenance diaphragm pump transports the effluent from the collecting tank to the rotary drum of the centrifuge.

The rotational speed up to 3000 RPM separates the liquid from the solid phase: While the solid particles contained in the effluent are deposited on the drum wall as sludge, the cleaned process water is picked up by a peeling nozzle and transported (“recycled”) back to the mass finishing, or other, system.

Periodically, the cleaned process water is collected in a clear water tank and then pumped to the finishing system. The sludge has usually a residual water content of about 20%. It can be easily removed from the system by a polyurethane basket that is inserted into the rotational drum.

Depending on the type of machine, several mass finishing machines can be equipped with only one process water circulation system.

Process Water Circulation Technology for the Semi-automatic system "HA“

Fields of application:

  • Process water circulation in vibratory finishing systems
  • Cleaning of coolants used in grinding, honing and lapping machines
  • Extracting water from different types of slurries (for example: wet blasting)extraction of valuable metals

Technical features

  • Sturdy and corrosion-resistant collecting and clear water tanks made from polyethylene.
  • Collecting tank with angled bottom and stirring device
  • Easy-to-replace coarse particle screen
  • Level control via level switches with emergency stop
  • Lifting / Pump station for transporting effluent from finishing machine to centrifuge (optional)
  • Robust, easy-to-operate pump systems
  • Effluent from finishing system: Compressed air diaphragm pump
  • Clear water pump
  • Multiple cleaning of the process water by overflow from clear water tank to collecting tank
  • Precision balanced drum made of aluminium
  • Conical guiding system in drum for best separation conditions
  • Automatic residual water discharge from the drum
  • Flexible sludge insert for easy removal of sludge
  • Control panel with PLC controller


  • Rotational speed 2850 p/min
  • Max sludge capacity 15L, 22kg
  • Solution capacity 100 - 1200 L/H
  • Installed power 5kW
  • Average power consumption 1.6kW
  • Collecting tank 1 250 Litre
  • Max load - 40kgs

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