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AVS -SYS Composites Business Opportunity

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AVS-SYS Composites Business Opportunity & Machinery
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Sandbach, Cheshire, UK
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Seen working by RSW
Sandbach, Cheshire, UK


AVS -SYS Composites Business Opportunity

AVS-SYS is looking for investment to purchase the business outright or join the current owners in moving an experienced design and manufacturing team forward.

The business is located in a 7,000m2 building in Sandbach, Cheshire, UK including a range of high quality plant, design and quality control facilities.

The full scope of the business is available by negotiation for serious investors.

The business

For over a decade AVS-SYS has provided high quality engineering, design, repair, integration and manufacturing of products and complete systems utilising composite materials.  They specialise in the aerospace sector across the full spectrum of commercial/military, fixed/rotary wing and manned/unmanned air vehicles.

AVS-SYS' team of class leading, highly experienced professionals, provides a level of expertise that is unmatched outside of a major aircraft manufacturer.  This enables them to provide complete program management over the lifetime of a project from initial concept design, system integration and qualification through to in-service support.

The experience in design, development and manufacturing within the highly demanding sector of aerospace engineering means they are exceptionally well placed to provide expertise in other high specification areas such as the automotive, marine and public transport industries.

Company has: - ISO9001:2015 approval and is CAA approved (Part145 Repair Station for Composite Structures)



AVS-SYS Composite Manufacturing Facility

Composite Manufacturing

Advanced composite materials can offer a range of advantages, which have made them desirable in many high performance applications. Consequently, composites are not only seeing an increased use in applications from racing cars, aeroplane components, and sporting goods but also lower cost higher volume industries such as automotive. With this broadened use has come an ever increasing demand on the manufacturing processes to continue high standards of quality but now combine higher volumes and lower costs.

Equipment comprises of:

  • Caltherm 200°C Composite Curing Oven
  • Mark MSA 11kw Compressor 
  • Grinding Room with Aspire Sanding Dust Suction Booth
  • Layout Room (Small) 
  • Layout Room (Large) 
  • Curing Room 
  • Overhead crane Portable equipment moving cart (see drawing attached )

Plus changing rooms, storage areas, lockers and more.

Excellent Quality little used bespoke Caltherm 200°c oven

  • Working Temp +/-3°c of set point:
  • Programmable time/temp controller with 10 programs:
  • 8 port vacuum manifold at front of oven:
  • Thermocouple connector panel/plug sockets (capacity 16):
  • Controlled cooling via motorised inlet damper:
  • One off roof mounted light:
  • Supply of “Man-in-oven” emergency grab wire inside the oven, cutting the cycle and activating an audio visual alarm.

MSA 11kw Compressor, pressure 8 bar, refrigerant R314A

  • High performance, silent running, simple installation and maintenance, makes the MSA compressor belong to the top class models currently available in the market.
  • The use of highly reliable components and the high productive efficiency of our renewed assembly lines, result in an even more reliable product. A rationalised layout, a lower number of components subject to wear and their ergonomic positioning, reduce operating costs.

Grinding Room 3 x 4.6 x 2 m with Aspire Sanding Dust Suction Booth Used as prep room prior to paint with Aspire Sanding Dust Suction Booth.

  • The dust suction booth Aspire is indicated for the suctioning and removal of dust from sanding and it is built with galvanized press-folded sheet iron.
  • It's main feature of is the filtration of dust through aluminized polyester antistatic cartridges.
  • The booth Aspire is equipped with self cleaning system of the cartridges with jets of compressed air.
  • The dust jets are deposited in removable trays.

Layout Room (Small) includes the following equipment:-

  • Impact Technical Services Extraction Wall Turbo GT
  • Igenix IG9851 Portable Dehumidifier with LED Display
  • 6 Litre Water Tank
  • Extracts 50 Litre/Day 
  • Panasonic Air Conditioner - Model CU-RE 18 RKE

Layout Room (Large) or Manufacturing Clean Cell includes:-

  • Glacier Cold-room's freezer
  • A changing room
  • 2 off Air Conditioning units 
  • Large Cutting Table

Drying (Curing) Room

  • Held @ 40°c using a heated blower for warming (positive air input) and the end of process - Purge air exhaust.

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Additional files

Premises Layout Drawing

Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.