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Machines & equipment for sale

Layout Room (Large)

Direct From Site Clearance

Direct Site Clearance Price [?]
£ 1,000 (+ VAT)
Clearance ends
12 November 2020 15:00 GMT while stocks last
Part of a Direct Site Clearance
AVS-SYS Composites Business Opportunity & Machinery
Excellent Condition
Sandbach, Cheshire, UK
Stock No
Manufacturing Clean Cell
Year of Manufacture
Excellent Condition
Process Application
Other Info
Includes Glacier Cold-room's Freezer
Sandbach, Cheshire, UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
5150 x 10,000 x 2000


The Layout, Curing, Grinding and Spray rooms all form part of the structure of the building and cannot be removed. Offers may be made for equipment within the rooms

** Advertised price is for chiller only**

Layout Room (Large)or Manufacturing Clean Cell includes Glacier Cold-room's freezer, a changing room, 2 off Air Conditioning units and a large Cutting Table.

Glacier Cold Room Freezer

Storage of general purpose under low temperatures is critical and can save your business money if your products can be kept at the correct temperatures.

Room temperatures can vary from +12 degrees to -5 degrees for general cooling at fridge temperatures and -15 degrees to -25 degrees for freezer temperatures. All rooms are supplied with digital read outs to allow you to control the temperatures accurately and efficiently. These rooms are used in all types of industries from takeaways and restaurants to the agricultural sector. 

Manual Composites Cutting table

Advanced composite materials can offer a range of advantages, which have made them desirable in many high performance applications. Consequently, composites are not only seeing an increased use in applications from racing cars, aeroplane components, and sporting goods but also lower cost higher volume industries such as automotive.  With this broadened use has come an ever increasing demand on the manufacturing processes to continue high standards of quality but now combine higher volumes and lower costs.

High-performance composites consist of a matrix material reinforced by layers of aligned fibers. It is these fibers that give composites excellent structural properties, but also make them inherently complex to manufacture as they must be built up manually  layer by layer. The manufacturing process known as ‘hand layup’ involves manually laying down individual layers, which is what this table has been designed to be used for.

Impact Technical Services Extraction Wall Turbo GT

Suitable for the extraction of: varnishing, glueing, polishing, welding, where the fumes, gases, smoke and dust are removed.
The GT Turbo wall must be connected to an extraction unit. GT is available with slant cut side plates, which provide maximum effect.• Large extraction surface

• 500-2000mm wide
• Available in 2 standard models and 5 sizes
• Must be mounted on firm surface
• No wearing parts
• Suitable for extraction of fumes, gases and lighter dusts
• Available with slant cut sides

 2 off Panasonic Air Conditioners - Model CU-RE 18 RKE

  • Stylish design with White Matt color
  • PACi Elite high efficiency series
  • Wide range of professional controls
  • High connectivity to BMS



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Additional files

Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.