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Mark MSA 11kw Compressor

Stock No
MSA 11 / 270 DG2
Year of Manufacture
CAI 870754
Excellent Condition
71 CFM/ 11 kw
Compressor Type
Rotary Screw
Other Info
Approx:1250 Run hours
Sandbach, Cheshire, UK
Weight (kgs)


MSA 11kw Compressor, pressure 8 bar, refrigerant R314A

High performance, silent running, simple installation and maintenance, makes the MSA compressor belong to the top class models currently available in the market.
The use of highly reliable components and the high productive efficiency of our renewed assembly lines, result in an even more reliable product. A rationalised layout, a lower number of components subject to wear and their ergonomic positioning, reduce operating costs.

High-efficiency compression elements

The two rotors with asymmetric profile, which have the same diameter, are mounted on high quality, low wear ball and roller bearings. The high degree of sealing and the fine tolerances used in the element also guarantees, even in small power ranges:
• Greater Yield
• High Efficiency
• Long life and reliability
• Lasting Performance


The direct-reading ES 3000 electronic regulator makes it possible to:

  • Manage all running operations,
  • Perform machine control and regulation,
  • Monitor irregularities,
  • Stop the compressor in the event of emergency,
  • View the data on the machine's maintenance program.

Reduced energy cost - Increased Savings
Reduced energy consumption - Increased Environmental Friendliness

Silent running

Years of experience have been applied to the issue of noise levels particular in taking care of analysing the air flow inside the machine and the use of suitable panels with anti-noise devices. The assembly of the various components and the absence of transmitted vibrations. All have enabled us to achieve results which put even the standard version of our machine at the top of the market.

Low Noise Levels

Design experience, rigorous selection and careful assembly of components. Use of insulation foam, deflectors and anti-vibration pads are the key factors explaining our success in reducing noise levels of all our units to the lowest in the market. Compact and respectful of the environment, thanks to its low noise levels, the MSA range can easily be installed in working environments, even close to offices.

MSA Tank

- Two versions : 270 and 500 liters
- Three pressures : 8 - 10 - 13 bars
- Twenty-two models : from 5,5 to 15 kW

Atmospheric air compressed by the compressor is collected in the air receiver.
The condensate produced can be drained through a valve at the bottom of the air receiver.

Air Receiver

Made of steel panels horizontally mounted on a fixed base, built and inspected according to current EEC regulations.

Sturdy structure allows all components to be assembled without affecting the tank's stability.


A unit for the compression, drying and filtering of compressed air, assembled on a fixed, horizontal air receiver. Available in:
- Two versions : 270 and 500 liters
- Three pressures : 8 - 10 - 13 bars
- Twenty two models : from 5,5 to 15 kW
for delivery of dried and filtered compressed air in conformity with ISO 8573-1 Classes 1 - 4 - 1 (dust, water, oil).

Atmospheric air is compressed by the compressor and stored in the air receiver, then filtered and dried before entering the air network.

Condensates formed during the various compressed air treatment phases are automatically drained
















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Additional files

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