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Rosler Centrifugal High Energy Finishing Bowl with Separator

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FKS 04 with Separator
40 litre
High Energy Spinning Disc Machine
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Includes Vibratory Separation Screen
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
1500 x 840 x 1320


Rosler FKS 04.1 E Centrifugal disc finishing machine designed for increased efficiency.

High-energy disc machines offer an efficient alternative to conventional vibratory machines, providing high performance levels. 

The machine can be offered with varying levels of automation, offering solutions to any kind of finishing problem.

Areas of application

Deburring, surface grinding, radiusing, and polishing of stampings, castings or machined parts with the speed of the centrifugal disk finishing technology: short processing times and a high degree of automation are the major benefits of this finishing technology.

It equally allows the finishing of thin spacers with a thickness of only 0.2 mm as well as massive gear parts with a length of over 125 mm. 

How it works

The rotating spinner accelerates the component/media mass to the wall of the stationary work bowl and pushes the mass upwards along the work bowl wall. With decreasing acceleration and increasing gravity the mass slides back down to the spinner where it is again accelerated. 

Depending on the water level and compound in the work bowl the finishing applications range from aggressive grinding to gentle high gloss polishing. 

The high energy disc finishing technology offers a grinding performance which is 10 to 30 times higher compared to vibratory finishing methods. 

Rosler control

Basic stand alone machine with variable speed drive and bowl tipping for load and unload. 


Adjustable water level in the work bowl, and process timer

Features of the FKS Processing Unit include:

  • Precision bearings that are protected against moisture 
  • Manual up and down adjustment of the rotating spinner to compensate for wear
  • Hot poured, highly wear-resistant polyurethane lining of both the spinner and work bowl
  • Multi-functional spray nozzle for providing the work bowl with water for processing and rinsing
  • Maintenance free electric drive
  • Robust machine frame

The Rösler makes high energy disc finishing easy to operate and highly productive. The work bowl is the centerpiece of the high energy disc machine, and its rotary spinner. The stationary work bowl is specially designed for ease of movement and a minimum of wear. This ensures high quality finishing results at minimal cost. 

Technical features;

Highly wear-resistant polyurethane guarantees long life for the spinner and work bowl, even under the most difficult processing conditions.

The special geometry of the rotating spinner and stationary work bowl produces an optimal movement of media and parts. It prevents parts from sticking to the work bowl wall and guarantees uniform processing results.

The Multi functional water control and supply pipe includes rinsing of the gap and the work bowl. It also incorporates a water overflow sensor. This ensures that no supply lines must be disconnected, when the work bowl is replaced. 

Optional attachments

Large-area screen deck, with tumbling steps for the total removal of media from cup-shaped parts. Equipped with quick to install screens that require no tools, allowing easy adaptation to any screening task 

A slide-in undersize media classification screen removes undersize media which could impede the finishing process by lodging in the parts. 

Transfer chutes, washing and drying options are also available separately 

Electrical supply 230/400 : 50Hz
Installed power 2.2kW
Motor power 2.2kW
barrel dia - Ø495mm


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