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Frigel Ecodry Adiabatic Large Air Blast Cooler Unit

Stock No
EDK 72 S
Year of Manufacture
Seen working by RSW, Excellent Condition, Current Model
Ave. cooling capacity
Average cooling capacity: 1200kW
Ave. Water Flow Rate
TBA note 1200KW heat extraction capacity
Other Info
Air pre-cooling during hot weather
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
2350 x 9160 x 3260


Frigel Ecodry Adiabatic Cooling System

The Ecodry System is completed by units installed  and connected to a central adiabatic cooling system positioned outside to expel the heat deriving from the processes.

This modular system - alternative to evaporative towers - consists of closed circuit coolers that can keep the cooling temperature even lower than the ambient temperature.

Furthermore, this centralized system can provide direct cooling to all other users that require water at a temperature higher than the ambient temperature, such as hydraulic machines, resin dehumidifiers, air compressors, water-cooled chillers, etc.

Every day, huge quantities of fresh water are consumed through the use of traditional evaporative systems for the heat dissipation of industrial processes (cooling towers). The increasing shortage of water resources, the difficulty in finding them and the constantly increasing costs are pushing the industry towards this new technology, able to save up to 95% of water: adiabatic cooling. This technology also provides greater efficiency in heat transfer, reduced maintenance and the total absence of polluting chemical agents.

Patented adiabatic cooler: the replacement for evaporative cooling tower

Ecodry 3DK is a centralized closed-circuit adiabatic cooling system designed to replace the old cooling tower technology. Installed outside the system, it removes the heat extracted from the process, achieving:

Better cooling performance with increased heat transfer efficiency
Outstanding operating costs savings, resulting in a low Total Cost of Ownership
New standards in terms of Environmental Impact, from both water footprint and total emissions

It is a water cooling system using closed circuit ambient air, which combines:

  • Finned pack water-to-air heat exchanger (radiator)
  • Axial fans for forced air convection
  • An adiabatic system for air pre-cooling during hot weather
  • A monitoring device for system management


The cooling capacity is strictly depending on the operating conditions in terms of inlet and outlet temperatures as well as ambient conditions.

As an example ;  40°C inlet and 35°C outlet, the cooling capacity is roughly 500 kW.

 It has 2 working modes:

Dry Mode

During most of the year, the unit works as a conventional dry-cooler, with no water consumption and the heat transported by the water is dissipated in the ambient air by convection of the air forced by the fans.

Adiabatic Mode

During high ambient temperature periods and only when the dry mode is not sufficient to maintain the outlet water temperature within a pre-set maximum set point, the adiabatic mode is automatically activated. The high temperature ambient air, before entering the finned exchanger, passes through the “adiabatic chamber” (patented) where humidity is added and consequently it is pre-cooled. In this case, the control system continuously regulates the quantity of water evaporation, only when necessary, to maintain the desired set point.

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