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AWE Limited pH Correction Water Treatment Plant

Stock No
AWE Limited
Bunded ETP
Year of Manufacture
Seen working by RSW, Good Condition
Work Envelope (WxDxH mm) [?]
Variable Flow Rate
Process Stages
4 (see description)
Other Info
Fully Bunded
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
Bund-520kg/ Dosing sta-90kg/ tank 210kg
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
Dosing station 1140 x 350 x 1240


Ph Correction Plant

Principle Of Operation

The system has been designed to neutralize the Ph  from manufacturers effluent making it compliant with the local legislation and adhering to their consent to their discharge agreements. With the wastewater from each of the customers processes, including wastewater from the rinses and pre-treatment and post-treatments baths.

These wastes are transferred from source by transfer pumps (3 supplied) or into a sump where they can be pumped in their entirety to the treatment tank.

The treatment tanks are contained in a large polypropylene bund that houses the neutralization, flocculent and settlements tanks.

A level probe situated in the bund raises an audible alarm, once a pre-determined level has been reached.

The main treatment equipment consists of the following

  • Treatment Tank

Contains an electrically powered agitator, and a single Ph electrode. Wastes are pumped into this tank, where the Ph electrode monitors and controls the solution to the required Ph. The correct Ph enables metal hydroxides to be formed out of solution and into a solid form.

  • Flocculation Tank

The effluent flows from the treatment tank into the flocculation tank, where a predetermined amount of flocculent is dosed into the effluent.

The flocculent is designed to increase the volume and density of the metal hydroxides, which allow them to become heavy enough to settle. The tank consists of an electrically powered agitator that keeps these hydroxide solids in suspension until it is transferred to the settlement tank.

  • Settlement Tank

This tank has no agitation so as to allow the solids produced in the flocculation process to settle to the bottom of the tank. The resultant clear solution at the top of the tank is then transferred to a holding tank

The sludge can then be removed periodically from the settlement tank for dewatering in a filter press or similar piece of equipment (not supplied)

  • Holding Tank

This retains the treated water, whose level is controlled by a ball valve to prevent overflow. The water is pumped under pressure through a Liff 3PN UV sterilizing unit

  • Liff 30PN Sterilizing unit

The primary purpose of the Liff P30N UV Disinfection Unit is to disinfect water without using chemicals so that living contaminants such as e-coli, cysts, and bacteria are completely ensure any micro bacterial contaminants are treated.

  • Treatment Chemicals

All treatment chemicals are stored in a polypropylene housing unit and comes complete with all dosing pumps and controls.

The plant also comes supplied with a fully integrated electrical control cabinet, which houses all electrical equipment and the Ph control unit.




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