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Metal Finishing Services Effluent Treatment Plant

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Metal Finishing Services
Dual Stream ETP
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Largest tank 1700 x 1750 x 3280
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Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
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4200 x 1700 x 3000
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This Effluent treatment plant has been primarily designed for twin stream treatment of differing wastes.

The first waste stream is simple Ph correction, however the second stream is used primarily for hexavalent Chrome conversion to trivalent Chrome using Sodium Metabisulphite.

The plant is so designed that this could easily be reconfigured to treat a number of differing waste of various chemical compositions.

The tanks are configured at 2 levels. The upper levels are the reagents  used to treat the relative wastes. This has multiple benefits such as minimising floor space, and continuity of treatment chemicals as they are fed under gravity to the treatment tanks; its flow being controlled by solenoid valves or manual by-pass if any electrical failure of the valves occur.

The design assumes wastes from two streams (in this case acid/alkaline waste and Chromic acid waste). Each stream is serviced by 2 powerful pumps (duty and standby), in case of failure or PPM and controlled from level switches via the control  panel.

These discrete wastes are then sent for either neutralisation or Chrome reduction, before being mixed together in the neutralisation tank where final Ph correction is made.

Flocculation of the metal hydroxides is injected into the outgoing stream to settlement tank to enhance the sludge density prior to filter press

Condition monitoring and control are made by Ph and Rh electrodes with reagents being dosed accordingly.

All tanks have agitation as standard.

All treatment chemicals are transferred from carboys to the reagent tanks by air diaphragm pumps to minimise exposure to operators.

Once the waste have been neutralised they overflow into the Pumping to Settlement Tank , where a powerful air diaphragm pump transfers it to a settlement tank prior to dewatering with a filter press (Settlement tank  and filter press not supplied)

The treatment cycles are fully automated and treatment parameters controlled by a control panel 

Dimensions: (WxDxH)

  • Tank 1 : 480 x 900 x 900 (400 ltrs)
  • Tank 2 : 1480 x 900 x 900 (1200 ltrs)
  • Tank 3 : 740 x 900 x 600 (400 ltrs)
  • Tank 4 : 740 x 900 x 800 (530 ltr)

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