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Sharmic Post Heat Treatment - Descaling, Polishing and Rust Inhibiting Cell

Direct From Site Clearance

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£ 7,950 (+ VAT)
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24 September 2020 15:00 GMT while stocks last
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Sharmic Pre & Post Heat Treatment Deburring, Rinsing and Rust Inhibiting Cells
From a working environment, Good Condition
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Multi-phase Chemical Treatment
From a working environment, Good Condition
Vibration & Drying
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Automated Sequential Chemical Dosing
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK


Post Heat Treatment - Descaling, Polishing and Rust Inhibiting Cell, comprising of:-

  • William Boulton FM3 with Dosing
  • William Boulton FM10 with Dosing
  • Lando Mario Centrifuge with Basket

Post Heating Cell designed to enable mass finishing part-on-part, Metal treatment. Significantly & critically enhanced by automated sequential chemical dosing via bunded triple pump chemical specific dosing control consoles.

Post Heat Treatment (Hard) was used for descaling and derusting, Syncromesh gears and valve train assemblies.

For detailed information regarding compounds used and delivered to the process via automated chemical dosing, please follow link to Sharmic Engineering website:-


William Boulton FM3 plus Dosing Panel and Control

The immensely versatile Boulton Vibro-Energy Finishing Machine, which is widely used in a great variety of finishing processes in many industries at home and overseas.

It's high efficiency, low operating costs and ease of maintenance have been abundantly proved in such processes
as descaling, deburring, smoothing, polishing and burnishing at outputs which are larger and faster than those obtainable with outmoded barrelling and other vibratory techniques.

Materials which can be processed range from precious metals to heavy sand castings or light pressings, in steel, brass & aluminium materials, also plastics and ceramics.

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William Boulton FM10 Vibro Energy Finishing Machine

This is a very popular machine used for mass deburring, deflashing, descaling, smoothing, radiusing and polishing of all types of components.

The machine has a high powered Vibro-Energy action without the addition of ‘humps’ or ‘ramps’ which can impair process efficiency and damage delicate components. 

Features include:

• Manual loading capacity of 10 cubic feet / 280 litres
• Unloading is manually picked whilst under operation
• Hard wearing cast polyurethane lining upper section
• Complete with full acoustic hood 

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Lando Mario Centrifugal Spin Dryer

A hot air centrifuge for the removal of liquids and the drying of components.

Numerous industrial facilities use Land Mario centrifuges to reduce their processing costs. The centrifuges are designed and constructed to provide many years of efficient, reliable and cost effective operation. The addition of a Lando Mario centrifuge can raise profits, increase quality and recover treatment solutions and oils in facilities that perform machining, electroplating, heat treating and many other processes.

Lando Mario centrifuges features and advantages:

• extended life air heater
• simple to operate
• easy to maintain
• heavy duty construction for durability
• Lid with safety interlock
• Remote mounted control cabinet

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