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William Boulton FM3 plus Metering Dosing Panel and Control

Stock No
William Boulton
From a working environment, Good Condition, Seen powered at RSW
3 Cubic feet// 85 litre
Automated Chemical Dosing Process
Other Info
3 off dosing pumps rpm 1440
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
820 x 840 x 1220


William Boulton FM3 plus Metering Dosing Panel and Control

The immensely versatile Boulton Vibro-Energy Finishing Machine, which is widely used in a great variety of finishing processes in many industries at home and overseas.

It's high efficiency, low operating costs and ease of maintenance have been abundantly proved in such processes
as descaling, deburring, smoothing, polishing and burnishing at outputs which are larger and faster than those obtainable with outmoded barrelling and other vibratory techniques.

Materials which can be processed range from precious metals to heavy sand castings or light pressings, in steel, brass & aluminium materials, also plastics and ceramics

This machine is available as part of a manufacturing cell

Pre Heat Treatment - Descaling, Polishing and Rust Inhibiting Cell

Full cell details


 It is essential that the machine is mounted on a firm and level floor .

When the loaded machine is switched on, the media and components are subjected to the unique 3- dimensional vibratory action.

Speed of rotation of the mass, and alteration in the amplitude of vibration, may be adjusted by altering the angle between the upper and lower weight controls .

After processing, the spent solution is drained from the machine , and clean water is used to wash the processed mass.

Components can be unloaded manually from the top of the bowl, or one of several Boulton devices for mechanical or magnet·unloading may be used.

This machine can be operated by remote controI from a Boulton Control Console, which can be used with one or more Boulton machines.


  • Greater Output
  • Larger workloads may be processed than any other comparable machine because of their unique 3-dimensional movements.
  • Ease of Installation
  • Vibro-Energy Finishing Machines are relatively light by comparison with other machines.
  • They are easily re-sited and as vibration is absorbed by the bowl support springs only a firm base is necessary.
  • Economical Running
  • Because of skilled design, Vibro-Energy Machines only require a comparatively small motor.
  • Rapid Processing
  • Boulton Vibro-Energy Machines give a better finish in a shorter time .
  • Less Noise - Less Wear
  • The steel bowl of the machine is lined with either a rubber or plastic coating to obviate wear and to reduce operating noise.


For detailed information regarding compounds used and delivered to the process via automated chemical dosing, please follow link to Sharmic Engineering website:-


Volume: 85 Litres
Maximum Workmass Weight: 182 kg
Motor:  1Hp
Overall Height: 810 mm
Bowl Diameter: 762 mm
Finishing chamber width: 260 mm
Finishing chamber depth 254 mm
Lining: Rubber
Weight: 120 kg

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