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W.M.V. Heavy duty centrifugal heated parts dryer

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From a working environment, Good Condition, Seen powered at RSW
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From a working environment, Good Condition, Seen powered at RSW
50 litres // 100kg
Heated centrifugal
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Basket - Ø500 x 330mm
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
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1100 x 1150 x 1150mm


WMV Z500-H Centrifugal Spin Dryer

A hot air centrifuge for the removal of liquids and the drying of bulk components.

Numerous industrial facilities use WMV centrifuges to reduce their processing costs. The centrifuges are designed and constructed to provide many years of efficient, reliable and cost effective operation.

The addition of a WMV centrifuge can raise profits, increase quality and recover treatment solutions and in facilities that perform non flammable liquid processing such as cleaning, electroplating, and many other processes.

WMV centrifuges features and advantages:

  • Effective and efficient drying
  • Extended life air heaters
  • Simple to operate
  • Easy to maintain
  • Heavy duty construction for durability
  • Safety in mind with lid interlock system
  • Remote mounted control cabinet
  • Attached lifting hoist for ease of handling

This machine is available as part of a manufacturing cell

Pre Heat Treatment - Descaling, Polishing and Rust Inhibiting Cell

Full cell details


Perforated baskets are removed from the centrifuge for filling with mass small parts or directly from overhead. The loaded basket is then inserted into the centrifuge and the operator closes the lid.

When the lid is closed it is automatically locked and the centrifuge process begins. A light on the operator’s panel provides visual feedback that the machine is in operation and when it has finished.

After a preset interval or manual actuation of the stop button the centrifuge is quickly stopped using the drive motor as a non-wearing regenerative brake. Once the centrifuge is safely stopped the lid automatically unlocks to allow the operator to open the lid and remove the basket.



A special centrifuge motor with non-wearing regenerative brake serves as the drive. The normal speed of the motor is 750 resp. 980 rpm.

2. Motor bearing

Motor and drum are equipped with a flexible rubber bearing (motor bearing) and fixed at the floor by means of a cross-type support to ensure a non-vibrating operation as best as possible.

3. Bowl insert

As a rule, the bowl insert consists of an upper and a lower part, the bottom is dished and may optionally be delivered with a perforation of 1.5 mm. The shell consists of perforated plate material, with a perforation of 3 mm. 

4. Drum/center seat

The drum seat consists of a base plate of a thickness of 15 mm to which 6 T-steel stays are welded for the guidance of the drum. A flat steel ring in the upper area serves for stabilisation. The effect of the stays is similar to that of a fan thus improving indirectly the drying efficiency with the same heat output.

5. Locking of the lid

During operation, the lid is locked electromagnetically. Only at standstill, the zero-speed relay releases and the safety tumbler unlocks the lid automatically.

6 Lid relieving system

The lid opening system using a pneumatic tension spring which enables a reduction of the lid weight when lifting, after unlocking the lid may be opened manually with little effort. The space between lid and shell is provided by a sectional rubber seal.

7. External shell and cross-type support

The external shell and the cross-type support consist of a welded steel respectively steel sheet design. The thickness of the external shell is 4 mm. All parts have been varnished for protection against corrosion. The external shell is screwed to the cross-type support which has been fixed at the floor by dowels.

8. Heating system

The heating is provided via a rod type heating element across the surface of which air is blown by means of a blower fan, via a pipe the heated air is guided through the centrifuge lid into the bowl insert and respectively into the screening drum (centre).

Technical Specification

  • Heating Capacity is 6KW
  • Maximum weight: 100kg
  • Volume: 45 litres
  • Basket diameter 500mm Ø
  • Basket Height: 330mm
  • Basket Perforations: 3mm Ø
  • Drive motor: 3kW


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