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Omega Industrial Compact Self Contained Air Dryer

Direct From Site Clearance

Direct Site Clearance Price [?]
£ 750 (+ VAT)
Clearance ends
20 July 2020 15:00 GMT while stocks last
Part of a Direct Site Clearance
Twin Plating Lines and Support Equipment
From a working environment, Good Condition
Whitstable, Kent, UK
Stock No
From a working environment, Good Condition
Nominal Flow Rate 66 m3/h//0.25kw
Compressor Type
Other Info
Single phase
Whitstable, Kent, UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
370 x 515 x 475


OMD dryers are designed with the end user in mind. Particular attention has been paid to high efficiency and implementation of technical solutions for easy operation and maintenance.

Due to highly effective and ultra compact heat exchanger, OMD dryers achieve excellent performance even in instances of high ambient and high inlet temperatures. They can operate at ambient temperatures up to 45°C and inlet temperatures up to 55°C while ensuring a reduced compressed air pressure drop.

The easily removed panels offer immediate access to the operating components of the unit. All components are tightly integrated into the dryer housing, which provides easy maintenance and small footprint.
OMD dryers are sized to match standard compressor outputs. E.g. a 15 kW (20 HP) air compressor with theoretical output of 130 m3/h at 7 bar matches the OMD 135 rated at 136 m3/h.

OMD 65 - Technical Data

  • Air flow: 66 m³/h
  • Power supply: 1/230/50-60
  • Controller: DMC16
  • Dimensions:  370 x 515 x 475
  • Air connections: G 1/2" BSP-F
  • Condensate Drain: EMD12
  • TS Thermal Switch
  • Mass net-gross:  28-30 kg
  • Refrigerant: R134a

Moisture saturated and warm compressed air enters into three stage heat exchanger. First stage is air-to-air pre-cooler, where incoming air is heated by output air. Then air passes through a refrigerant heat exchanger where the air is cooled by the cold liquid refrigerant. This process causes the moisture to condense in demister into liquid water.

The dried, cold compressed air is then re-heated in an air-to-air heat exchanger before reaching the outlet and going downstream to compressed air network. Relative humidity of the compressed air is reduced considerably. The aluminium module has a vertical flow layout ensuring that the condensate flows down to the the electronic level controlled condensate drain.

The circulation of the refrigerant in the cooling system is assured by high efficiency piston and rotary refrigerant compressors which have an innovative construction that reduces energy consumption and has a high reliability level. Only environmentally friendly refrigerants are used.
A hot gas by-pass valve allows the dryer to operate at part load and prevent the evaporator from freezing.

Operation of the OMD dryer is monitored by electronic controller which indicates the dew-point digitally and controls the condenser fan via a probe. From model OMD 235 the fan is activated by a pressure switch.  

Improved controller RDC

The control panel contains the installed main power button to turn off the refrigerated dryer, RDC 1.1 controller with setting buttons and LEDs for signalization of operating temperature, operation mode, alarm mode and operation of the fan for air cooling. Also LED for signalization when dryer needs service is added.

EMD 12 - Zero Loss

Integrated electronic condensate drain EMD 12 is designed for fully automatic discharging of condensate without air losses. The special self-cleaning direct acting valve assures reliable operation. Equipment: Operational alarm, led indicator, test button and capacitive level sensor.

High Pressure Switch

High pressure switch is a control device which is used as safety control. The compressor is stopped by cutting the power supply of the motor of the compressor whenever the discharge pressure of the compressor becomes excessive. This is necessary to prevent the possible damage to the equipment.

Low Pressure Switch

The low pressure switch monitors the system for low pressure faults, such as refrigerant leakage or possible blockage. If the pressure gets too low then the compressor may overheat due to lack of suction gas cooling.

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