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Carter Environmental Wet curtain ATEX high pressure wet type dust collector

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Carter Environmental
200 EHS HA
Year of Manufacture
Good Condition, Current Model
Approx Duty CFM / M³/Hr
12000 // 20,000 @ high pressure
Filter Area ft² / m²
High surface area wet curtain water wall
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
4500 x 1700 x 3780 + 1200 x 1640 x 2310


Carter-Midac EHS HA wet dust collectors are designed to cater for those applications where the amount of dust collected is not so great as to justify the provision of a motorised drag link conveyor with its complication and cost. The EHS HA collector is particularly suitable for the collection of potentially explosive dusts such as aluminium and magnesium and other hazardous applications.

Works by drawing the contaminated air through a linear spray generator baffle, which is designed to

a) Generate an intense self induced spray zone.

b) Impose a series of about turns on the airflow so that the dust particles are centrifuged at high velocity onto the walls of the baffle which are continuously irrigated by the water spray.

c) Facilitate collisions between water droplets and dust particles in the spray zone.

d) Create a final water curtain through which the air must pass before leaving the baffle system.

By these means, a very high percentage of the dust particles are trapped in the water which drains back into the bottom tank of the collector. The dust eventually settles out and accumulates at the base of the tank as a sludge prior to being manually raked up the inclined side of the bottom tank and removed from the collector when the plant ceases working.

After negotiating the baffle system, the air passes through the spray eliminators which remove entrained water droplets before air is discharged from the unit via the fan.

* Refer to sketch on Page 6 showing diagrammatic working of collector (see manual attached) *

 Electronic water controls are provided to maintain the correct working level in the unit to ensure efficient collection. On explosion or fire risk applications these controls are augmented to provide additional safeguards against continuing plant operation with collector malfunction.

The electrical supply to the level controller should be taken through auxiliary contacts on the fan starter so that when the fan motor is switched off the water control equipment is also in-operative. Failure to do this could result in water spillage when the fan is switched on.

Numerous access doors provide full facilities for easy inspection and maintenance. A drain valve is fitted so that the collector may be emptied for more complete inspection and cleaning.

The fan and motor are usually mounted on top of the collector and supplied as an integral unit.

Depending on the unit size, one or more access doors are fitted at the front of the unit above the inclined edge of the bottom tank. These give access to the bottom tank and spray eliminators.

Contaminated air may be introduced into the unit at either, or both ends. Should both ends be so used, access adjacent to the unit should be provided in the ducting transformers. On the larger units a further access door is provided on the unit centre line on the back face.

Plant Informatio

  1. CEC3 Water Controller
  2. External paint finish 
  3. Water supply connection 1"BSP

Halifax fan assembly

  1. Type no. 24 Mistral backward inclined
  2. Complete with belt driven 30kw motor
  3. Capable of handling 12,000 CFM/Hr @ 6000 pa
  4. 30kw 415v 3ph 50hz TEFC IP55 Motor

Collector Sizes: 200 EHAS
Serial No.(s): 100043
Air Volume: 12,000 CFM - 20000m³/h

Quick-Fill Connection Type: Globe Valve Size: 1"
Solenoid Valve Type: ½” Voltage: 110
Drain Valve Type: BALL VALVE Size: 1.1/2"

Type: Backward Inclined Size: 
Air Volume: 20000 m³/h Air Pressure: pa
Motor Speed: 2950 rpm
Motor Power: 30kW / 45 Hp

pdf icon Print / Download Carter Environmental Wet curtain ATEX high pressure wet type dust collector Datasheet

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