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Bluebox Heavy Duty Air Cooled Industrial Chiller Plant 301

Used / Second Hand

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From a working environment, Excellent Condition
Stock No
LRAL s 301
Year of Manufacture
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Ave. cooling capacity
22.5 kW
Ave. Water Flow Rate
(m3/h) 3.5/6 with 2.6/1.4 bar nominal
Other Info
Quality Hermtic reciprocating compressor
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
2550 x 1240 x 1800


BLUEBOX LRAL S 301 Air cooled liquid chiller

Blue Box Chillers (Air Cooled Chillers/Industrial Chillers/Packaged Chillers) with a capacity 22.5kW operating with eco friendly refrigerant, R404A.


  • 715Kgs
  • 22.5 kW Cooling cap.
  • Anhydrous nitrogen refrigerant
  • 400 Voltage, 3 Phase, 50 Hz
  • 2203mm x 1003mm x 1740mm.
  •  Weight (Kg): 715 kg


Modular self-supporting frame in galvanized sheet steel, with a durable weatherproof finish. Stainless steel screws. Condensing coils are equipped with impact protection in the form of metal strainer grilles.


With semi hermetic reciprocating compressors


Composed of high efficiency finned core coils manufactured from copper tubes and aluminium fins. The layout of the coils makes it possible to reduce the dimensions of the unit and simultaneously increase the air suction surface, leaving ample space for the positioning of the components of the refrigerant circuit and, if present, the water circuit. The condensing sections of the refrigerant circuits always operate independently


Twin axial fans, with sickle shaped blades and special bell mouth conveyor designed to optimise efficiency and reduce noise emissions, directly coupled to a three-phase motor with internal overload protection.  The fan is equipped with a safety grille.


Brazed plate type in 316 AISI stainless steel, thermally insulated with closed cell expanded material.
Quad refrigerant circuit models are equipped with a dual circuit double exchanger but with hydraulic connections equipped with standard headers.

The use of dual circuit plate type heat exchangers makes for:
Improved COP/EER;
Reduced refrigerant charge in the circuit;
Reduced unit weight and dimensions; 
Easier maintenance;
Each evaporator is equipped with a freeze protection temperature probe, while a pre-installed flow switch is supplied for all models.


The programmable microprocessor controller supervises all the functions of the unit, while also managing rotation of pumps, balancing running hours and providing switchover functions in the event of faults.
The system also manages a series of auxiliary functions for safe and efficient operation of the unit: by monitoring signals transmitted by sensors that keep track of compressor suction and discharge pressures 
and gas temperature at the compressor outlet, the controller prevents the emergence of critical conditions and potential breakdowns 


The circuit includes: liquid line shut-off valve, charge connections, liquid line sight glass, filter dryer with interchangeable solid cartridge, electronic expansion valve, pressure transducers to relay information on high and low pressure values and relative condensation and evaporation temperatures for display on the controller, high pressure switches and relief valves.

The liquid line solenoid valve function is performed by the electronic expansion valve. This valve closes when the system is stopped thereby sectioning the liquid line.

Electrical Panel Includes 

  • Main switch.
  • Fuses to protect control and power circuits.
  • Compressor contactors.
  • Fan contactors.

Microprocessor to control the following functions where fitted:

  • Water temperature regulation with measurement of outlet water temperature.
  • Freeze protection.
  • Compressor time intervals
  • Compressor start sequence and automatic lead/lag selection
  • Alarm signalling
  • Alarm reset
  • Capacity control
  • Common alarm contact for remote signalling
  • Forcing of capacity step control due to arrival at pressure limit
  • Alarm history
  • Display of the following information
  • Outlet water temperature
  • Programmed temperature set-point and differentials
  • Alarm description
  • Running hours meter and counter for number of starts for compressors and pumps (if installed).
  • High and low pressure values and relative condensing and evaporating temperature values.

Electrical power supply [V/f/Hz]: 400/3~/50 ±5%


  • Dual high pressure switch with manual reset
  • Limited trip safety high pressure switch with automatic reset managed by controller
  • Limited trip safety low pressure switch with automatic reset managed by controller
  • High pressure relief valve
  • Freeze protection probe at the outlet of each exchanger
  • Chilled water temperature probe (located at outlet to installation)
  • Mechanical flow switch
  • Compressor and fan overtemperature protection.

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