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Aqua Cooling 206/6 180 - 280 kW Air Blast Coolers

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Year of Manufacture
99052 B1 / 99052 B2
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Ave. cooling capacity
180 - 280 kW @ 26°C ambient
Ave. Water Flow Rate
6 - 8 l/s
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
2300 x 4720 x 1600mm


Dry Air Blast Coolers

The Aqua Cooling air blast coolers has been developed and built to give extremely reliable and robust performance and are designed for fast-track installation.

Air blast coolers offers an advanced level of energy saving and the highest efficiency ratings available. air blast coolers can be installed alongside an existing cooling system to provide a low cost, environmentally friendly method of free cooling.

Utilising air blast coolers to achieve Free Cooling is most effective for process applications requiring a higher set point of 10 -15oC+ or for low cost seasonal cooling in the winter months.

The units provide corrosion-free process fluid, operate at low costs, with no evaporation loss. The units have an anti-freeze facility for external units, as well as no water treatment costs and no chemical dosing resulting in low maintenance costs.

Air Blast Process Coolers - Re-circulating coolant passes through air blown heat exchange radiators where process heat is transferred to ambient.

Air Blast Radiator (Dry air cooler) - Hot water from the equipment to be cooled is pumped through a matrix of extended surface area tubes to maximise efficiency. Cool ambient air is induced (or forced) across the cooling matrix of the air blast radiator and is exhausted without any contact between the air and the water. Cooled uncontaminated water is then returned to the equipment to be cooled.

Self contained dry coolers are non-refrigerated cooling systems. They are an alternative to recirculating chillers for applications where precise temperature control and cooling below ambient temperature are not required. Typically, coolant will be delivered back to the process at approximately 10°C below ambient, however, this is variable dependant on process load and external conditions.

Free Cooling

Free Cooling is an economic method of utilising low external air temperatures to assist in chilling water, which can then be used for industrial processes or air conditioning.

Aqua’s range of free cooling water chillers reduces electrical usage by utilising low ambient air temperatures to cool the return water whenever possible. The chillers have an inbuilt electronic controller which modulates a three way valve in the water return line. When the ambient air temperature drops below that of the return water it is diverted through a free cooling coil and automatically reduces the load on the system, resulting in partial or total free cooling.

The air blast cooler can be either integrated into an existing chiller circuit or as a ‘bolt on’ free cooler.  The free cooler enables the free cooling principle to be retro fitted to an existing unit/system. Once a unit/system is upgraded by the bolt on free cooler it will achieve all the associated advantages of free cooling and is an excellent option for clients wishing to reap the benefits of free cooling without investing in any replacement equipment.

Technical Specification



electro-tinned copper 


2.5mm galvanised steel, 

80 x 80 x 3mm box section


Motor Insulation
6 x 1.5kW Class ‘F’ and class ‘H’

Integrated external Lowara standby and duty pump set
Twin 24-50 m³/hr 11kW Lowara stainless steel headed pumps with fitted valves, pressure relief valve and expansion vessel.

Stage control panel
3 stage fan controls with switchgear for a ‘plug and play’ solution

Local fan isolator
Provide individual isolation of fans to allow for safe maintenance

Common terminal box
Where controls are sited and bringing cabling for all fans to a common point

Hinged fan plates
Offers easy access to fin block for cleaning

Typical designed duty information calculated by Aqua cooling

Duty 1:

Heat to be dissipated = 176kW
Medium to be cooled = Water / 30% Ethylene Glycol Solution
Flow Rate = 7.53 l/s
Fluid to be cooled from = 36ºC
Fluid to be cooled to = 30ºC
Design Ambient Temperature = 26ºC

Duty 25:

Heat to be dissipated = 281kW
Medium to be cooled = Water / 30% Ethylene Glycol Solution
Flow Rate = 6.27 l/s
Fluid to be cooled from = 43.5C
Fluid to be cooled to = 32ºC
Design Ambient Temperature = 26ºC

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