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Nabertherm Salt Bath Furnace for Nitriding, Carburisation & Annealing

Stock No
TS 30/30
Year of Manufacture
Good Condition, Current Model
Internal Size (WxDxH mm) [?]
300 dia x 500 deep
Max Temp
Other Info
Exclusion of oxygen scale discolouration
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
1100 x 1150 x 1070


Nabertherm TS 30/30 Furnace

An electrically powered Nabertherm Salt-Bath Furnace for Heat Treatment of Steel.

The heating system consists of a regulation zone, heating is from 4 sides and the elements are drawn into ceramic support tubes.

Operating Safely.

The salt bath must be securely covered by the lid during the heat treatment operation. The corresponding temperature curves must be modified by the operator to correspond with the salt manufacturers directions to avoid any damage  to the furnace, components or surroundings. The salt bath fill level must be 100mm higher than the measuring point of the thermocouple. The over temperature limiter must be set in accordance with the requirements to shut off if the furnace reaches a pre-determined high temperature.

General Operation.

Heat treatment can be carried out with shorter dwell times than in chamber furnaces. Since the charge is heat treated with the exclusion of oxygen, scale and discoloration on the surface of the parts are kept to a minimum.

The salt-bath furnace TS 30/30 can be used for heat treatment of metals in neutral and active salt baths. They are used for processes such as nitriding according to Tenifer up to 600 °C, carburization to 950 °C or bright annealing to 1000 °C

Control Cabinet

  • The three elements have independent amp meters to display the load.  
  • The main controller is a Eurotherm 3504 unit.
  • The over temperature is controlled via a Eurotherm unit with a manual re-set.
  • There is an independent temperature display unit.
  • A pre-selection timer is also incorporated into the controls.

Service Requirements

400v 3Ph 50Hz
52/48/52 amp

TS models up to 1000 °C
Carbonitriding, carburizingCarbogen VC, Carbogen OK
Annealing, hardening, preheatingHS 535, HS 545, HS 535, GS 560, GS 660
CarburizingCarbogen Universal, Carborapid + GS-ZS, Carbomax +GS-ZS, Carbogen 800/800 ST, Carbogen 1000/ 1000 ST, CECONTROL 50H, CECONTROL 80B, 
Preheating of high-speed steel, annealingGS 540, GS 660, GS 670, GS 750, HS 550, HS 635, HS 760
Preheating, annealing of gold, silver or brass

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