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Guyson Marr Multistage Degreasing Machine

Stock No
Guyson Marr
Year of Manufacture
Excellent Condition
Work Envelope (WxDxH mm)
Belt 600 x 6000 x 220
Process Stages
3 stage plus two blow off between stages
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
6200 x 1700 x 2200


This Guyson Marr-Line can provide a tailored solution for most washing, rinsing, drying and coating applications for a wide range of components.

This Guyson Marr-Line wash system provides the very latest in safe aqueous technologies, ideally suitable to incorporate into a modern cellular workflow environment

This Guyson Marr-Line system delivers:

• Stringent cleanliness standards
• Targeted wash spray patterns for optimum cleaning results
• Elimination of manual handling 
• Removal of bottle necks and buffer stocks 
• Honeycomb belt to carry components directly or in baskets

Since heightened awareness of safe aqueous industrial cleaning was introduced by the Montreal Protocol (to eliminate the use of substances that depleted the ozone layer), and with the recent introduction of the ‘Solvent Emissions Directive' or SED (replacing environment damaging solvents), it now makes even more sense to look at how you could introduce a Guyson Marr-Line aqueous cleaning system into your cleaning regime.

High flow spray jets deliver maximum power in both the wash and rinse sections, driven through stainless pumps and pipework.

Full stainless construction throughout ensures that your Marr-Line will remain corrosion free throughout its life cycle. 

Both heated tanks are fully lagged for maximum heat conservation and have an automatic water fill system that allows for continuous running. Low water level sensors will switch off the machine, safeguarding the equipment in the event of failure.

The Marr-Line component rinsing not only removes excess wash solution but also delivers high cosmetic component quality standards with spot and stain free surfaces if used with de-ionised water.

Component drying is an important consideration and is achieved by the re-circulating hot air oven in the final stage and this will be able to evaporate the final moisture residue as the component moves through to the end of the convener.

Keeping your Marr-Line in peak condition could not be easier, as the machine incorporates a range of productivity and maintenance benefits including features such as washable coarse filters, automatic water fill and low level water sensors.

The controls of the machine incorporate a 24/7 Timer allowing the tanks to be heated prior to the start of shift, Indexing or continuous belt operation, digital temperature control of the blow off chamber, solution heater control, variable speed belt on continuous mode.

The machine has removable panels fitted to each wash and rinse section, allowing full service access. The spray bar units are fitted with quick release couplings, so that they can be un-clipped and the whole assembly removed for bench maintenance. 

Electrical details.
3ph / 400v / 50Hz
max motor amps - 19.83



The Guyson Marr-Line wash system provides the very latest in safe aqueous technologies, ideally suitable to incorporate into a modern cellular workflow environment




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