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Enthone Ltd Two Manual Plating Lines

Direct From Site Clearance

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Please call on +44 (0) 1922 45 8000
Part of a Direct Site Clearance
Twin Plating Lines and Support Equipment
Seen working by RSW, Good Condition
Whitstable, Kent, UK
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Enthone Ltd
Year of Manufacture
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Process Stages
Other Info
Separate Effluent Treatment Plant
Whitstable, Kent, UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
1200 x 7500//8150 x 1200


** Price: Open to sensible offers **
** The owners relocation is nearing completion so they are now open to sensible offers. **

The plant consists of two manual plating lines back to back inside a bund with a service walkway between the lines and the operator walkway along the two outer sides.

  • The lines were originally supplied by Enthone circa 1997 as part of a turnkey project including fume extraction, air replacement and effluent treatment.

  • There is a total of 30 process stations as detailed on the process schedule sheet. 

  • Each line is 1.2 metres wide and 1.2 metres high.

  • Line One which comprises stations P1 to P15 is 7.5 metres long.

  • Line Two which comprises stations P16 to P29 is 8.15 metres long.

  • Stations P14 A, B & C and 15 A are offline as a single four section divided polypropylene tank unit.

  • Station 30 is a freestanding Hot Air Dryer at the end of Line Two outside the bund.

  • Lines One and Two are located inside a bund of internal dimensions 8.7 metres long x 3.7 metres wide.

  • The lines are constructed mainly of plastic tanks supported by a plastic coated framework with adjustable levelling feet.

  • The top surface and font of the lines are consoled in blue and white PVC sheet to contain solution drips when work is being transferred and also give a clean and attractive appearance.

  • The front panels are doors mounted in slide tracks to enable them to be moved to gain access to valves etc.

  • A common central control panel located at one end outside the bund contains the majority of the electrical switch-gear and controls for both lines.

  • In the case of the plating stations local controls are mounted in the front panels adjacent to the tanks so the operator may set the plating current and start the process timer as the work enters the bath without the need to walk to the main control panel.

  • DC plating supplies are constant current electronic units mounted in enclosures behind the station they serve accessible from the central service walkway.

  • There is also a 250 Amp x 12V DC Westinghouse unit located between the two lines which serves four tanks as indicated on the process schedule.

  • Where indicated on the process schedule extracted tanks have integral hoods built into the rear of the tank with off takes to a low level header manifold running under each line.

  • The two manifolds rise at the end of each line (opposite end to control panel) and combine together before exiting the building in a single feed manifold to a centrifugal fan mounted on a support stand external to the building.

  • The extraction fan has a vertical discharge into an exhaust stack with high velocity efflux nozzle at a height of approximately 8 metres above ground level. 

  • The exhaust stack is supported by the same steel work as the extraction fan and is also fitted with guy wires for lateral stability.

  • A second centrifugal fan for air replacement purposes is floor mounted externally to the building adjacent to the extraction fan and this blows air back into the building via a high level manifold duct.

  • The air replacement fan is manufactured by Central Fans with serial number 09840.

  • In the case of both the fume extraction and air replacement systems the ductwork and manifolds are manufactured in corrosion resistant plastic material strengthened with external GRP.

  • A low pressure air blower is located external to the building, adjacent to the extraction fan and this is connected to the tanks requiring air agitation by a system of distribution pipework.

  • The rinse waters from the lines overflow into a single common drainage system which flows by gravity to a collection sump constructed in the floor of the Effluent Treatment Area.

See additional images of the Two Manual Plating Lines  - MAR500

See Effluent Treatment plant on separate listing - MAR300

See Fume control plant and equipment - MAR200

** Please note price displayed on listing MAR500 includes both lines, effluent treatment plant and fume control plant and equipment **

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Schedule of tanks

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