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Heaton Green Econojet Bag Type Dust Extractor

Used / Second Hand

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From a working environment, Excellent Condition
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Heaton Green
Econojet 3 EJF /36L x12
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Approx Duty CFM / M³/Hr
6500 CFM / 11000 M3/Hr
Filter Area ft² / m²
7752ft / 72 m2 - 36 NEW Pad Filter Bags
Other Info
Brand New Filters Fitted
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
1350 x 2200 x 7510


The Econojet Reverse Pulse on-line cleaning extractor is designed to provide maximum performance where high volumes and loading demands need to be met with an extracted air volume ranging of up to 12,000 m3 /hr (dependent on installation) and the flexibility of rotary valve discharge  to  a more accessible waste collection point .

 The extractor is also fitted with an explosion relief panel manufactured to the standard EN1497:2006 and fitted with rupture indicators on each panel in order that, in the event of a rupture , a signal is is relayed to the control panel to initiate shutdown of the fan set fitted to the filter unit

 The Heaton Green Econojet can accept a wide range of filters in a wide range of filter fabric materials - offering a filter to suit all types of applications from heavy aggressive dusts to light smoke and fumes.

 The unit houses 36 filter bags @ 1500 mm in length

 Where you have a range of machines with high dust volumes, a wide variety of pressure and flow requirements and you require constant 'on-line' filter cleaning the Econojet is the answer. It's also ideal when a high-volume continuous extraction process is required from a full production line.

 Econojet technology provides a consistent high level of dust extraction to ensure effective removal of waste material generated by the likes of foundry, high speed, food, woodworking, CNC machinery or similar 'high pressure required' applications.

 The advanced reverse pulse technology shrinks the size of the dust extractor while still providing all of the benefits of online cleaning and performance. This allows a much smaller machine footprint and reductions in operating costs.

 Periodically a bank of filters is cleaned in a sequential pattern by a high speed ( 1/10th second) pulse of compressed air. The effectiveness of this pulse is a design advantage and combined with the carefully calculated filter spacings and scientifically designed flow of air over the filters means superior performance and results.

 The Econojet high pressure, high efficiency 7.5 kW / 10 Hp fan, provides excellent waste material removal at the same time, reducing the levels of work place dust, and improving tooling and machine life.

 The body is designed and built from 3mm steel with rolled reinforcements and clad in powder coated steel panels to enable the units to be installed either inside the factory or outside where it’s fully sealed design makes it weather proof.

The reverse pulse design protects against any abrasive dust damage to the extraction fan, with its negative pressure extraction chamber whereby air is ‘drawn through the pre-separation chamber, then into the filter chamber rather than the other way round where it is often blown in under pressure, so no dusts actually will ever come into contact with the fans impeller.

 The Heaton Green Econojet is fitted with flat pad filter bags which have an advantage over cartridge type filtration as they can handle a higher dust loads per cubic meter of extracted air, and can handle  course or fibrous materials.

Technical Specifications

 Fan 7.5 kW // 10 horsepower

CFM: 6500 //m³/hr 11000

Dirty air case: 3mm mild steel fully welded panel construction

Clean air case: 3mm mild steel fully welded panel construction

Collection Hopper: 3mm mild steel fully welded panel construction

Support legs: mild steel rolled steel section, fully welded panel construction

Filter cages: Galvanised mild steel wire construction. Top hat, internal venturi with crimped end caps

Compressed air header tanks: Certified header tank according to CE directives 87/404 & 90/488. Temperature range -10 to +55°C. Maximum pressure 8 bar. Requires clean, dry oil free supply at quantity indicated depending on size.

Goyan  Air Diaphragm valves: 1” diameter port, aluminium diecast body with nitrile seals. Pressure range 30-860 kPa. Temperature range -40 to +82°C.

Sequential controller: Solid state PCB. Two electronic timers allow adjustment for duration of pulse and interval between pulses. Voltages of 110v, 220v and 240v AC single phase 50Hz can be accepted by the board in all cases giving an 110v output to the pilot valves. IP65 Polycarbonate enclosure.

Econojet model details

 Filter Ref - Econojet  3 EJF /36L x12.

Explosion Relief Panel.

Area m²: 72.

Filter body :  1080 mm X 1850mm.

Support legs (height): 3500 mm.

No. of Hoppers: 1.

Compressed air requirements free air delivered @ m³/hr 6 bar: 21.


  •  Grain Handling.

  • Powder Coating Applications.

  • Animal feed plants.

  • Shot Blast cleaning.

  • Crushing, screening, sieving: from quarried minerals.

  • Metals-Grinding, polishing, finishing.

  • Foundry processes: melting and sand reclamation to fettling and finishing.

  • Hot metal processes: galvanizing, metal spraying.

  • Waste reclamation plants.

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