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NDT Dye Penetrant Line

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Dye Penetrant Processing Line
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An all stainless steel dye penetrant set for use in the none destructive detection of surface cracks in materials.

DPI is based upon capillary action,  where low surface tension dye fluid penetrates into clean and dry surface cracks or defects. Penetrant is often applied to the test component by dipping, spraying, or brushing. After adequate penetration time has been allowed, the excess penetrant is removed and a developer is applied. The developer helps to draw penetrant out of the flaw so that an invisible indication becomes visible to the inspector..

This collection of all stainless steel processing tanks offers a full Dye Penetrant processing line, capable of processing larger products for the detection of surface cracks in products such as;

  • Castings
  • Stampings
  • Ceramics
  • Plastics
  • Heat Treated Components
  • Machined Parts

The plant consists of the following equipment

Dye application tank, with separate penetrant holding tank used for fluorescing dye.

Constructed from all stainless steel this unit allows for the storage of the dye in a lid covered tank with access for dunking if required, the shrouded spray tank has a selection of stainless steel mesh trays and a spray gun with various configurations. 

Size 1230 x 700 x 1540 : spray tank 740 x 580 x 300 : holding tank 290 x 590 x 460

Dye hot pressure spray and pump/heating unit

This all stainless steel tank is divided into two chambers. It comprises of two separate pumps, two filter units one for air one for liquid, a heating unit attached to the one pump allowing temperature control of the liquid, only heating the amount required.

Size 1500 x 450 x 830 : two tanks of 1500 x 225 x 340 : Heating unit = 1.0 Kw, 140 Bar, 70­°C Max.

Rinse tank   

An all stainless steel, jacketed hot water tank, which can be used as a simple dipping tanks or as part of a NDT processing  line.

The enclosed heater elements provide a tank which has full capacity usage as there are no heater elements to allow for. This design also eliminates potential for element scaling or failure through sedimentation in the tank causing damage to the elements.

Size 600 x 700 x 860, work envelope is 500 x 500 x 380 weight is 64Kgs                                                                 


A low temperature electric, air circulated 65°c oven on stand with digital temperature control and analogue over temperature thermostat 

Oven is ideal for drying or low temperature curing, or as a pre warming oven.

The oven consists of an internal stainless steel construction with a painted mild steel outer skin.

The double doors allow full access to internal chamber of the oven, where a frame (supplied) consisting of three shelves allow products to be placed for processing


  • Analogue over temperature control
  • Carel Ir digital temperature controller
  • Control Panel for fan and heater elements
  • Rear mounted Fan & Motor
  • Internal chamber size: 1000 x 1000 x 900 mm
  • 3 x baskets in a loading frame Fixed position
  • Each basket 870 x 840 x 60 mm high
  • Double side hung doors with safety Interlock
  • Single control thermocouple
  • Rear mounted fan/motor assembly
  • Supplied on a stand
  • Maximum Temperature: 65°C
  • External Size: 1270mm Wide x 1450mm deep x 2000mm high
  • Weight: 300kg

Developing tank

A robust, all stainless steel developing tank used in the process of none destructive testing of components, primarily in surface crack detection during the developing stage for penetrant inspection.

The penetrant forms a thin film on parts which enables it to enhance indications of ultra-fine discontinuities.
The tank comes with a sealed lid, fitted with gas struts and rubber seal  to ensure the developer does not leak from the lid whilst in process.

Size 1750 x 1850 x 1030 weight is 166Kgs



The product is placed in the tank, along with a quantity of developer powder .
The developer is normally a free flowing, white, powder used as a high sensitivity dry powder developer for penetrant inspection.
An air supply the ensures the developer remains airborne throughout the developing process, ensuring, even and consistent exposure of the powder to the product surface.
The powder forms a thin film on parts which enables it to enhance indications of ultra-fine discontinuities

Ideal Application

  • Cracks
  • Porosity
  • Seams

Defect Examples

  • Castings
  • Critical components
  • Turbine components


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