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Metalas Heavy Duty Spray Wash Machine

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MCF 1500
Year of Manufacture
Good Condition, Current Model
Work Envelope (WxDxH mm)
1200 x 1500 x 900
Process Stages
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Space saving roller shutter door
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
2100 x 1730 x 2350


MCF 1500 Single tank machine.

Metalas (UK) Ltd is part of a group of European companies called Metalas Cleaning Systems (MCS) who specialise in industrial surface treatment cleaning machines. 

Cleaning by hand is a very time consuming and costly method. Fully automatic and entirely closed, MCS cleaning machines offer an efficient and money saving alternative which is, moreover, environmentally friendly

The surprisingly effective and thorough cleaning is obtained by the combination of high velocity spray jets, a large volume of heated detergent water and bouncing whirlpool action which cleans the dirtiest parts in 5-15 minutes and all within a totally enclosed system. The machines cleans everything not only metals but plastics etc

In this single tank system. the machine you can degrease even the most difficult components. Designed with a roller shutter door to ensure the working height  of the machine is kept to a minimum

Metalas machines are used in a wide range of alternative sectors such as: 

•Automotive industry 
•Defence industry 
•Transport industry 
•Medical / pharmaceutical industry 
•Food industry 
•Chemical and petrochemical industry 
•Graphic industry 
•Electronic industry 
•Metallurgical industry 
•Automotive repair and rebuild industry 

Originally commissioned to remove multiple heavy layer of dirt and grease from components.

The machine can also degrease components effectively before de painting. It could also be utilised for excellent degreasing results after the manufacturing processes in many engineering operations.

Aftermarket customers could also achieve excellent results with the single stage facility and use a wide range of chemicals and the machine also has an impressive load capacity of 1000kg. 

Working at excellent pressure and flow rates, this machine is capable of cleaning a variety of components quickly and efficiently without the use of costly labour. 

SPECIFICATIONS OF MPF 1500: Single Tank machine

  • Overall dimensions 
  • Width 2090 mm
  • Depth 1535 mm
  • Height  1935 mm  
  • Working Voltage 400 V 
  • Control Voltage 24 VAC
  • Connecting Voltage 31 KVA

Technical specifications

  • Work Load Capacity, admissible grid load 1000 kg
  • Maximum Work Height 900 mm
  • Basket Size 1180 x 1180 x 150
  • Heating (Kw) 18
  • Capacity Pump / Motor:  30³m/hr //7.5 kW
  • Jet pressure: 5 bar
  • Tank Capacity : 450 litres
  • Loading table dims; 1410 x 1350 x 1020

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