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RotaJet Heavy Duty 2 Stage Front Loading Spray Wash

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Current Model
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Year of Manufacture
D60 565 7 10
Current Model
Work Envelope (WxDxH mm) [?]
1220 x 1220 x 685
Process Stages
2 stage Wash & Rinse
Other Info
Load/unload shuttle conveyor system
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
2330 x 3250 x 2830


This pre owned Rotajet D60 is an industrial parts washer with single vertical uprising front  door for product.

The powered rotating booms spray heated detergent to the top, sides and bottom of the basket or fixture. The removable carriers maximum dimensions are, 790 x 790 x 610mm high clearance.

The cleaning solution is electrically heated and externally filtered in a large capacity filter chamber, and delivered at high volume through its large centrifugal pump. 

The machine is complete with drum type oil skimmer, loading roller trolley and bifurcated steam exhaust fan.

The loading frame consists of a 3 stage segregation of product status, with a load position for dirt products (left hand side), a central basket loading position and unload position for clean products (right hand side) 

With two configurations of basket, one basket is configured for large, single or multiple components, with the second configured for the degreasing of smaller, multiple components in baskets.

Both of these loading baskets are ultimately able to be configured to take any type of product processing configuration, along with the traditional high pressure spray wash and rinse from the upper and lower spray beams located in the chamber.

Environmentally friendly, efficient, component cleaning processes have been developed by the chemicals division of Oakliffe Rotajet to replace the hazardous and labour intensive chemical cleaning processes traditionally used in the engineering industry.

Spray wash systems have the advantages of:

• AQUEOUS TECHNOLOGY - Reduction of harmful emissions
• FULL INHIBITION - Protection of both ferrous and non - ferrous components
• POWDERED PRODUCTS - Economy in use
• LIQUID PRODUCTS - Ease of handling and control of dosing
• RAPID OIL SEPERATION - Reduced effluent problems
• POWERFUL SOLUTIONS - Handle the toughest soils in the shortest times
• NEUTRAL PRODUCTS - For your more delicate components 

Designed for heavy loads and larger batches for engineering, manufacturing, and reconditioning situations. Especially suitable for 'Cell' manufacturing, common maximum payload 1000kg. evenly distributed. two-piece spray bar with upper & lower bearings carried by centre spindle which also carries integral roller track frame. (Wheeled Baskets carried on Fixed Rails) Baskets are square with corners angled off

Model D60 Specification

  • Wash tank capacity: 540 litres
  • Wash tank heating: 30kW
  • Pump Rating: 11kW
  • Rinse tank Capacity:360 litres
  • Rinse pump: 7.5 kW
  • Rinse Heating capacity: 18kW
  • Pressure 5.5bar
  • Capacity Std. 950 x 600 Dia x height
  • Basket 1000 kg
  • Working Height 685mm

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