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Chem Resist Bunded Acid Chemical Storage Tank & Tank Vent Fume Scrubber

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Chem Resist
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Working volume 13.75 m3
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Chem Resist Europe Bunded Acid Chemical Storage Tank And Fume Scrubbing Tower.

A fully bunded chemical storage tank with associated fume scrubber and batch dosing monitor, for the safe storage and distribution of acids for processes. 

Chemical fume scrubbing equipment is generally used in the management of chemical fume generation and is capable of handling a wide variety of both acid and alkali chemical fumes.

The fume scrubbing unit houses a packed tower of 38 mm pall rings, which maximise the contact area between the chemical fumes and the sprayed neutralising NaOH chemical as they pass over them.

The unit is also fitted with a secondary horizontal vaned eliminator thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the system. 

This chemical processing equipment also features a sample collection point whereby analysis of the treatments medium can be carried out easily and safely.

Summary: HCL Safety Bund Storage tank 

  • Materials – Spiral wound HDPE  100
  • Manufactured May 2011 
  • Working volume 13.75 m³
  • Original Contents Hydrochloric acid

Summary HCL Scrubbing Unit

  • Materials – Spiral wound HDPE 
  • Spray nozzle TF20FC-BSP@30l/min
  • Manufactured May 2011 
  • Contents Sodium Hydroxide

– Inlet PVC approx. 400 mm diameter.
– Scrubber Column
– Intermediate PVC Ducting to fan approx 450 mm diameter
– Vent Fan
– Vent Column/ Emission Stack - PVC/GRP approx. 650 mm diameter
– Treatments fluid pump
- All interconnecting ancillary pipework, valves , Apollo electronic flow rate meter and totaliser

Extraction Fan - 15kw VEM Gmbh 
27A -380/420V 3P&N 
Treatments fluid pump flow rate – 60 M3/Hr
Extraction flow rate adjustable via dampers

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