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Airflow Group Airflow Systems Model 225 Electrical Electric Annealing Oven

Stock No
Airflow Group
225 Electrical
Year of Manufacture
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Internal Size (WxDxH mm)
1790 x 1780 x 2000
Max Temp
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
3160 x 2180 x 2950


Airflow Group are one of the better known UK manufactured suppliers of Industrial and commercial surface finishing ovens and spray equipment with units regularly being supplied all over the world. 

Some Of The Typical uses of the Box And Batch Ovens


Pre heating products from acrylic or plastic sheets to large moulds and assemblies.  Airflow Ovens are used to pre-heat the sheets to around 180 C.This is a highly temperature critical operation, as the sheet must retain uniform thickness and not display stress fractures. Pre heating moulds and fabrications saves production times by reducing the times needed to achieve full temperature in the presses. 

Evaporation and Distillation

The extraction of chemicals and moisture is increasingly achieved under controlled conditions. Airflow drying ovens provide simple evaporative drying and curing of non solvent based products..

Stress Relieving

Pre-formed metal assemblies used in critical roles for industries such as aerospace and defence, are heat treated in Airflow Ovens at around 200 C, then cooled to a controlled profile to avoid the formation of stress characteristics often produced from operations such as welding.

Composite Curing

Carbon composite components used in Formula 1, aerospace and the high performance automotive industry are formed in Airflow Curing Ovens. The component and its former are encapsulated in a plastic sheath, then placed in the Oven which can be fitted with an internal vacuum system. The Oven then shrinks the material onto the former and cures the component at up 225 C. The heating and cooling processes are crucial to achieve the precise composite characteristics.


Mandrel woven synthetic/rubberised and silicone fabric tubes, used as hoses in the automotive and marine industries, are cured at up to 225 C in Airflow process ovens.This provides the shape retention qualities that are needed to cope with situations such as extended heat exposure on turbocharger to inter cooler hoses.

Powder paint Curing

Powder paint Curing is usually achieve within the temperature range of 180 - 220C and can also assist with the de-gassing of aluminium and die cast products prior to coating.

Garment Chemical Curing

Clothing fabrics used for fashion and work wear are increasingly treated with chemicals to achieve various decorative effects. Following treatment the garments are placed in an Airflow Oven and cured at around 140C. Nowadays, instead of the traditional stone washing of denim garments, the manufacturers coat the denim with a specially developed range of chemicals which, when cured, produce the same visual effect without degrading the fabric or reducing its life.

Benefits of the Airflow Box And Batch Oven.

  • Unique high efficiency Thermal design minimises energy usage
  • Superior curing results due to very uniform temperature distribution
  • Unique High Volume Low Pressure hot air circulation system
  • Galvanised steel, construction
  • Designed for rapid curing of a wide variety of products and assemblies
  • Heating Composites, Ceramics, PCB's, Pharmaceuticals, Metals & Plastics
  • Strong Structural Steel Framework with Lifting Eyes
  • Full Width Double Doors with Internal Release Handle and Sprung Stainless Steel Door Seals
  • CE Marked and Compliant with Machinery Directive 89/392/EE
  • Modern Electronic Control Panel with PID Temperature Control
  • Process timer
  • Roof Mounted Heater Chamber. Electrically heated through close control SSR relays,
  • Independent Interlocked Exhaust Fan
  • Powerful Air Circulation Fan giving uniform temperature uniformity
  • Air Volume Control Dampers
  • Air Distribution Control Dampers
  • Thermally Efficient Insulated Panels for economical running

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