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Industrial Cooling Systems (ICS) Complete and ready packaged process water chiller

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Industrial Cooling Systems (ICS)
Year of Manufacture
Late 2003
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Ave. cooling capacity
45.2@15 cwlt (chilled water leaving)
Ave. Water Flow Rate
7.8 // 18m3/hr
Other Info
Buffer tank included = Easy install
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
800 x 2050 x 2660


Extremely compact and easy to use, ICS 046 ensures an accurate control of water temperature.
Each model is designed for safe and reliable operation in the most varied working conditions, thanks to the modern technical solutions used and the availability of a wide range of accessories and options.

Each individual ICS 046 unit is extensively tested for efficient operation and reliability in all working conditions.

This unit is supplied with a water header tank mounted above the chiller unit, enabling the chiller to be topped up automatically, whilst producing the water break from mains water supply necessary under current legislation

Process cooling applications:

• Laser Technology
• Extruders
• Surface Processing
• Welding Engineering
• Blow Mould Machines
• Printing Systems

• Coating Systems
• Chemical and Pharmaceutical
• Plastics Processing
• Thermoform Machines
• Plasma Coating
• Medical Imaging

• Food & Beverage Industry
• Injection Moulding
• Cutting Machine Tools
• Electroplating Baths
• Bioenergy
• Compressed Air

Product Features:

Complete solution, easy to install and manage

• Hydraulic circuit: water tank, immersed evaporator, pump with bypass provide a compact and easy to install solution
• Electronic controllers with proprietary software provide access to all the parameters of the units and allow special management for any specific need
• Available with remote monitoring
• Completely configurable with many options and kits to fit many industrial applications needs
• Condenser filters
• Independent condensing plenum
• Full access and easy service design High reliability and back-up eliminate downtime

• Large water tank allows minimum compressor cycling and precise temperature control
• Maximum ambient temperature up to 45°C Lowest energy consumption in the market
• Oversized condensers and evaporators
• Use of compliant scroll compressors 

Benefits of the ICE range

Water and refrigerant manometers permit full control of the working conditions.

Microprocessors: allow complete control of the unit parameters.

Proprietary software allows a wide range of programming and remote monitoring options.

Compliant scroll compressors: with less moving parts and compliant technology provide excellent efficiency, high reliability, and very low noise levels.

Air cooled with axial fans: suitable for outdoor installation, no need for protection.

Mesh filters: condenser protection from dirt and contamination, reduces maintenance costs and the risk of downtime.

Evaporator: located inside the water tank - reduces the overall dimensions, increases the efficiency and improves temperature control.

Water by-pass: protects the pump and supplies constant flow to the evaporator avoiding alarms and freezing.

Water tank: generously dimensioned to guarantee high reliability and improved temperature control.

Technical data

Model ICE 046 
Cooling capacity kW  45,2 
Compressor abs. power kW 10.1 
Cooling capacity kW  33
Compressor abs. power 2 kW  10.3
Power supply V/ph/Hz 400/3/50 no neutral
Protection index 54
Refrigerant R407C
Compressor Type:  Hermetic scroll
Compressors/circuits  1/1
Max abs. power - 1 comp. kW  13,7 
Axial fans Quantity n° 2 
Max abs. Power - 1 fan kW 0,61 
Air flow m3/h 12000
Pump P30
Max abs.power kW 2,3 
Water flow (nom/max) m3/h 7,8/18 
Head pressure (nom/min)1 m H2O 28/22 
Water flow (nom/max)2 m3/h 5,7/18 
Head pressure (nom/min)2 m H2O 28/22 

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