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Romer Proton 2 manual powder coating system

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Brand New, Current Model
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Superior design, great results
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43 x 280 x 240


The Proton series II is built of the highest quality materials and incorporates the most advanced technological features of all the powder coating corona guns developed by Romer.

Romer Spray units are characterised by their ability to provide high productivity and efficiency rates in the application of sprayed powders. They offer a simple operation to deliver excellent coverage even in the most difficult to reach places.

Adjustment of the machine allows for overlapping elements with a homogeneous powder stream, whilst also allowing you to control the thickness of the coating, giving optimum coverage.

Features of the Proton II  Powder Coating Station.

  • The Proton II has inbuilt auto diagnostics, and displays both system parameters and error messages on its large LCD screen.
  • There is a large storage capacity of up to 20 individual programs, to include all the setting of voltage, powder fluidisation, air and powder setting pressures for differing profiles and work types.
  • Pneumatic valves are controlled by stepper motors for accurate control.

Additionally features include.

  • Complete with Nozzle set (B) type, full cone spray nozzle, and flat spray nozzle with deflectors.
  • The Gun handle is chrome plated to ground the operator.
  • On gun controls for local application adjustments
  • Grounded 5 meter hose assembly for flexibility in working. 
  • The electronic control Improves penetration, reduces orange peel, back-ionization even with the most difficult of powders.
  • Auto and manual spray settings. 
  • Three installed auto pre-programs for coatings - coating flat surfaces, hard to reach places, and re-coating
  • Automatic voltage adjustment which is dependent on the distance between the gun and the painted surface
  • Clear touch panel operator station with electronic control system 
  • Robust maneuverable trolley with vibrating powder box platform
  • All the powder in the box can be used thanks to the inclined vibrating table. The fluidised suction tube is optimized for constant powder delivery.

Technical specification

  • Model Proton 2
  • Type Electrostatic (Corona)
  • Voltage input 220-240V
  • Powder consumption up to 500g/min
  • Compressed air cons. up to 200L/min
  • Input pressure up to 8 bar
  • Output pressure 0 - 6 bar
  • Air quality / oil less than 0.1mg/nm3
  • Air quality / dust less than 15g/nm3
  • Hose length 5m
  • Gun weight 500g
  • Set weight 55kg
  • Warranty period 12 months

Proton series II nozzle set (B) 


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