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Centrotherm Thickfilm Firing Furnace

Stock No
Year of Manufacture
From a working environment, Excellent Condition
Internal Size (WxDxH mm) [?]
5350 x 230 x 40
Max Temp
Other Info
Belt width: 230mm
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
7000 x 1350 x 1770


Technical Data

Dimensions of the equipment: 940 x 5800 x 1620 ( w x d x h)

Table height in- outlet from the floor: 900mm
Height indications variable: +/- 20 mm
Belt width: 230mm
Effective passage height: 20mm
Operating voltage: 380/220 V
Power consumption: max.32 kW
Temperature range of furnace: max.1100°C


The frame is modularly arranged and can be divided into 3 individual parts. So that it can be easily transported and reassembled in a confined room. The complete equipment has adjustable feet in order to compensate unevenness of the floor as it is very important for the furnace to be aligned exactly horizontally.
All individual components are integrated in the rigid frame designed for ease of serviceability. The covering panels can be removed via quick releases enabling an easy access in case of maintenance.

Arrangement and Function of the Individual Components

Main connection - current, water feed and - outlet.
All operating elements of the furnace are accessible from the front side making it easy to reach the individual components.


The furnace consists of 8 individually controllable PID-control units:
per control unit thermocouple
input cnodule multizone controller
solid state relay unit heating element

Arrangement of the Heating Cassette

The heating cassette consists of a steel sheet housing where the individual insulating - and heating plates are installed. This cassette was especially designed for the high requirement in the semiconductor industry.
On the complete length there is a top and bottom heating subdivided into 8 zones.

Exchanging the individual heating plates:
1. Withdraw the thermocouple if necessary .
2. Unlock the heating resistor at the porcelain terminal.
3. Straighten the ends (via welding flame)
4. Unscrew the closing cover (4 screws)
5. Take out the insulating wool.
6. Withdraw the plate.

When exchanging the upper plates it is advisable to put two round rods in the plate avoiding the plates edging downwards. The installation is done the same way.
So if a heating plate fails it is possible to exchange and reinstall a new one easily within a short time.

 Thermocouple Arrangement

In each heating zone platinum thermocouples are laterally mounted drawn in insulation tubes (capillaries) which are housed in a protective tube. The element is held by a spring. So, a constant temperature is granted. Each zone element consists of 2 separate individual elements.

Element 1: to control the temperature Element 2: to monitor the temperature at the
display instrument and for the shut-down equipment.

Overtemperature Protection (=OTS)

The furnace is provided with an overtemperature \
protection system to prevent an overheating or burning of the individual heating zones. In each of the 8 heating zones a thermocouple is mounted. The installed 8-zone scanning unit provides for the temperature of the individual zones to be scanned in an interval of approx.20 seconds and transferred to the OTS-display device.
A flashing of the figures 1 - 8 laterally to the instrument °C shows which of the zones is being scanned. In case of overtemperature the respective figure continues to emit light; so, it is easy to find out which . o f the zones has caused the overtemperature protection. The heating contactors open and an audible alarm message is released and optically 'failure heating' is signalled

Drive System

The drive of the conveyor belt is designed for a speed of 20 - 250 mm/min. and consists of the following components:

1. controllable 1-phase a.c.motor with control board
2. adjustable sliding clutch
3. rubber-coated drive drum
4. pressure drum
5. guide - and return rollers
6. transport belt

The complete system is nearly maintenance-free. It is recommended to check it visually every 3 months with the following criteria to be fulfilled:

1. Due to its operative 'elongation' the beit must not abrade anywhere

 If necessary remove the belt by cutting the lateral welding spots of a cross bar and shorten the belt so that the belt interlinks in a continuous manner.

2. Check the smooth running of the rollers and drums . When reinstalling the drums pay attention to an exact right-angle alignment as otherwise the transport belt cocks and gets damaged.

J . Due to the operative abrasion of the belt the remaining wire cross section shall not be less than JO % of the originally available one.
4. The motor has to be free from leakage oil.

5 . Check the smooth running of the roller link chain.

Muffle Set

The muffle set of the equipment is constructed in
3 parts and consists of inlet-, heating - and cooling muffle connected by flanges and can thus be easily separated again if required.

11.1 Inlet Muffle
Description of the inlet muffle in direction of .
run as follows:
The entry opening of the muffle can be set by a
_ height-adjustable slide to the required passage height.
At the entry two nozzle connections form a gas curtain preventing the penetration of ambient air into the muffle.
For the exhaust 2 Venturi-operated chimneys are mounted on the inlet muffle. They are flanged to enable a cleaning of the nozzles placed inside

Heating Muffle

After the inlet muffle there is the heating muffle manufactured of high-heat resistant
chromium-nickel alloy (Inconel 601) and subdivided into 2 areas:

Burn-out Zone
At the beginning of the heating muffle there is a J-part gas separation sheet metal installed to enable an individually forced gas flow i the
burn-out zone. The occurring vapours are drawn off via the first 'Venturi-chimney'.

Firing Zone
To prevent a vortex formation of the laminar air flow (due to the two counter-flow nozzles of the cooling muffle) in the firing zone it is designed with smooth internal walls without any built-in devices.

Cooling Muffle

The cooling muffle like the inlet muffle is manufactured of stainless steel (1.4571) and provided with four mounted area coolers connected in series. To enable an additional gas flow in the burn-out zone df the heating muffle it is equipped with two pivoting counter flow nozzles.
In the outlet area there are like in the inlet muffle nozzle connections and a height-adjustable slide.

Venturi System

For drawing off the vapours two flanged 'Venturi-chimneys' are installed in the area of the inlet muffle. Via nozzles compressed air is
entered into them. The required quantity of air is set at the 1st respectively 2nd flow meter.
With the help of sensors fixed at the measuring tube the flow is checked and when falling below the set quantity optically and acoustically a failure message is signalled.

Water Supply

The equipment is completely installed ready to be connected. The operator has to connect the connection to the shut-off valve:
The pressure of the system is set at the pressure reducer (with integrated filter to prevent contamination).
A thermal flow controller installed in the feed line of the cooling system keeps the outlet water temperature constant.
The by-pass valve enables a filling of the water system with a cooled down muffle.
Furthermore, a remote indicating thermostat is installed showing the outlet water temperature and
- signalling an overheating of the muffle.
The sensors of this thermostat and the cooling water controller are integrated in an external measuring box.

GME Support


This machine is available with service and maintenance programme, if required, from GME Ltd. Having previously maintained and serviced this machine at Dupont, GME are already familiar with this machine.

Based in Surrey, GME have been supplying equipment to the electronic manufacturing industry for almost 20 years and can offer a commission service.


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Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.