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Carrier AquaSnap 30RAP Chiller

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From a working environment, Good Condition
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30RA -200 - 0470 PEE
Year of Manufacture
From a working environment, Good Condition
Ave. cooling capacity
Other Info
Twin circuit inc 4 x Hermetic compressor
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
3800 x 2300 x 1685


The AquaSnap 30RAP chiller is an effective all-in-one package that is easy to install and own. The chiller operates quietly and efficiently under all operating conditions. 

This generation of Aquasnap liquid chillers features the latest technological innovations: Scroll compressors, low-noise fans made of a composite material, auto-adaptive microprocessor control, full optimisation for the zero ODP refrigerant HFC-407C. 

The Aquasnap includes a complete hydronic module as standard, simplifying the installation to straightforward operations like connection of the power supply and the chilled water supply and return piping. 

An auto-adaptive control algorithm ensures intelligent control of compressor operation in most comfort air conditioning and process applications, making a buffer tank unnecessary.


Integrated hydronic module eliminates the need for a field-supplied pump assembly and does not require additional space. 

The module incorporates all components necessary for the operation of the system: removable screen filter, water pump with high available pressure, expansion tank, water flow switch, safety valve, pressure gauges, and
purge valve. A throttle valve allows adjustment of the water flow in accordance with the characteristics of the

All hydraulic components are protected against frost down to -20°C.

Aquasnap is equipped with the revolutionary second generation Flying Bird fan. This low-noise, two-speed fan is made of composite recyclable material and employs a multi-blade design and a rotating shroud, as used in the aeronautical industry. It is exceptionally quiet, and does not generate the low-frequency noise, irritating to the human ear. 

The scroll compressors run extremely quietly and vibration- free. They are well-known for their durability and reliability. The motor is fully cooled by suction gas and permits up to 12 starts per hour. A safety valve allows reverse rotation due to incorrect wiring, without impairing compressor operation. In addition these compressors need no maintenance.

The use of two compressors per circuit permits a reduction of the start-up current and of the power input at part load.

Air-Cooled Liquid Chillers with Integrated Hydronic Module AQUASNAP

Benefits at a glance

For contractors:

• all-in-one package for quick and easy installation
• costs less to buy and install
• easy to use controls — less training needed
• compact size/small footprint
• highly reliable
• callbacks for noise mitigation unlikely
• makes service calls more productive

For consulting engineers:

• high efficiency/low operating costs
• low sound levels mean satisfied owners and neighbors
• compact size/small footprint
• operates year-round, even in extreme temperatures
• costs less to buy and install
• highly reliable
• quick and easy installation means faster start-up, so you'll get paid sooner
• common controls for all 30-series units mean fewer specifications

Technical specification 30RA 200

Capacity 61 Tons
Capacity 206 kW Cooling cap.
Refrigerant R407C 
Voltage 380 - 440
Load 104.3 kW Max. Elec. Cap.
Overall dimensions 3350 x 2280 x 1680 mm
Weight (Kg): 2223 kg

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