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Continuous vertical powder coating line

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Powder Coating Line
From a working environment, Seen working by RSW, Excellent Condition
Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, UK
Stock No
Vertical Powder Coating Plant
Year of Manufacture
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Work Envelope (WxDxH mm)
300 x 1350
Process Stages
Other Info
Installed summer 2014
Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
4500 x 3500


Continuous line powder coating with pre-treatment wash and drying oven, auto and manual paint booths with cyclone powder recovery and 14 metre gas fired hot air oven.

  • Installed summer 2014, track ovens and booths, with associated equipment were refurbished items and the pre-treatment was new.
  • Ovens, paint booths, filter banks and track were refurbished used equipment.
  • Degreaser tanks, enclosure, burners, pipes, pumps and fittings new on installation.

Continuous overhead track.
Pendants at 230 mm centres with full set of ‘crocks’.
Overall length: 7900 mm.
Height to underside of crocks: 2200 mm.
Variable speed currently set at 500 mm per minute.

Track / conveyor. Total length approx 80 metres.
Speed: 0.5m / minute. Total circuit time approx 2 ½ hours.
Can be varied within control panel (power off) and not by operatives during use.

Degreaser / Pre-treatment tanks. Supplied new by MIS Ltd in 2014. 
All tanks and enclosures fabricated from stainless steel. Pipe runs and isolation valves are plastic.
Overall length 17.5m

Parts are spray washed from banks of 24 spray heads per tank section within the enclosed conveyor above the wash tanks as the parts pass through the wash sections.

Tank 1 heated by a 170Kw gas burner to 45°c - 50°c.
Hot wash with Metfin IP3502 degreaser and iron phosphate for removal of heavy contamination.

Tank 2 heated by a 170Kw gas burner to 45°c - 50°c.
Hot wash with Metfin IP3502 degreaser and iron phosphate for thorough clean.

Tank 3 Cold clean water rinse.

Tank 4 Final rinse & passivate.

Drying oven. New to us in 2014 as refurbished, used equipment
Single burner baffled hot air with an operating temperature of 100°c, variable as required. Currently utilises the waste heat from the cure oven.

Cure oven. New to us in 2014 as refurbished, used equipment.
Twin gas fired burner 170-250 Kw baffled hot air oven. Operated at up to 210°c. The oven is fitted with air seals at each end. At 14 m long the standard transit time is 28 minutes.

Powder application booths x 2. New to us in 2014 as refurbished, used equipment.
o Booth 1. With two auto reciprocating Gema paint guns and linked to a cyclone for paint recovery and reuse.
o Booth 2. Two manual Gema paint guns and linked to a dump to waste cyclone.

Paint Booth 1
Length 2000 mm.
Aperture 290 mm wide x 1550 mm high to underside of crocks.
Qty 2 - Pairs of auto guns.

Paint Booth 2
Length 2000 mm.
Aperture 290 mm wide x 1550 mm high to underside of crocks.
Qty 2 - Manual guns.

ITW Gema Powder & Gun Controllers – Auto booth.
Guns Qty 4 - Type PGC1 
Serial nos. 8105.05344; 8105.09542; 8104.27657; 8104.27897

ITW Gema Powder Hopper
Type PRC2 Qty 2.

ITW Gema Powder Gun Controllers – Manual booth.
Type PGC1 Qty 2
Serial nos. 8104.19644; 8104.19617

ITW Gema Gun control unit 
Optistar Qty 2
Serial nos. 17103.07408; 17104.04639

Optiflex Automatic modular system
The OptiFlex includes all the modules required for your application, like the OptiStar guns controller, the OptiMove reciprocators control and many others.

Paint recycling Cyclone – Auto booth.

Paint recovery Cyclone to waste – Manual booth.

Filters - 3 banks.
Dust Extraction International Ltd. Machine no. 84620.

Main Cure Oven.
Overall 14,000 mm long x 1200 mm wide (excluding burner boxes).
Aperture 300 mm wide x 1450 mm high to underside of crocks.
2 no. independently controlled burners.
Baffled heat distribution.
Air seals to apertures.

Pre-treatment – 4 tank. New on installation.
All stainless steel construction.
Overall size 17,500 mm x 2,500 mm
Tanks nos. 1 & 2 currently Metfin IP3502 – both 1400 Ltr.
Tank no. 3 rinse – 1650 Ltr.
Tank no. 4 passivate currently Metfin FR3603 – 1650 Ltr.
28 nozzles per wash point.
Aperture 300 mm wide x 1200 mm high to underside of crocks.
Designed with drain offs to cater for items up to 2.5m long.

Drying oven.
Overall 7500 mm long x 1000 mm wide (excluding burner box).
Aperture 300 mm wide x 1250 mm high to underside of crocks.
1 no. burner.

Additional Information
Overall heights:
• Cure oven main body 2600 mm, overall 3250 mm
• Drying oven overall 3750 mm
• Paint recovery cyclones (Qty 2) and extract ducting 5200 mm
• Extract filter banks 3900 mm
• Continuous track/conveyor Crocks 2250 mm, top of track 2450 mm, top of supports 2900 mm
• Degreaser / Pre-treatment main body sits under the conveyor. Extract ducts from heated sections rise above.

Other details:

See also paint line specification document.

Refer to paint line layout detail for dimensions.
This paint line can be seen working and is in current use, several days each week.
Buyer is to dismantle and remove. The power and gas supplies will be disconnected by us, before removal is commenced. Removal method statement and risk analysis to be submitted and agreed.

pdf icon Print / Download Continuous vertical powder coating line Datasheet

Additional files

Youth Engineering Layout Drawing

Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.