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Powerblast Shot Blast Room

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Unique Shotblast Room & Wheelabrator Vacublast Ventus 150P Shotblast Cabinet
From a working environment, Good Condition
Slough, UK
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Custom sized modular steel construction
Year of Manufacture
From a working environment, Good Condition
Work Envelope (WxDxH mm) [?]
5000 x 3850 x 2750 (TBC)
Other Info
Automatic Mechanical media recovery
Slough, UK


Powerblast shotblast room


  • Internal Dimensions: 5000 x 3850 x 2750 mm (TBC)
  • With Fercell dust extractor FE440/H 7.5 kw with explosion relief - 2004
  • Twin screw front and back.
  • Single elevator into pot.
  • Pressure fed pot 200/300 litre 

Blast rooms are large blasting systems for handling work pieces too large or complex for even the largest blast cabinet. An operator, outfitted in appropriate PPE (personnel protection equipment), is inside the blast room manoeuvring around and blasting the work piece.

A blast room, when correctly specified, designed and equipped, can be a very productive facility and a valuable asset to a business. It allows you to carry out abrasive blasting in the location of your choice, and to recover and recycle abrasive material.

Abrasive blasting is essential for many industrial applications, from removing existing product coatings, to preparing new steel or badly corroded steel before new coatings are applied. Essential to any blasting system is a well designed and built blast room, which allow you to make blast cleaning an in-house process.

Blast rooms can give the control and cost advantages of bringing blast cleaning in-house
The room is used to contain the work piece and operator, and normally incorporates an equipment room, lighting, and safety interlocks.

The recovery systems can be incorporated to collect used abrasive, remove dust and fines and return the cleaned abrasive to the blast pot for re-use.
Due to the abrasive being contained with the blast room, it can be recovered and recycled.

A dust extraction system is included to keep the blast room air clear for safety and visibility.

LED lighting is installed to give the operator and bright work area.

The blast room is also rubber lined  for longer life and a brighter environment.

** Site assistance available for dismantling. Costs to be borne by the buyer **

What is Shot Blasting?

Shot Blasting can be used as a catch all term for a wide range of similar industrial processes. It is also called abrasive cleaning or abrasive surface finishing. During the shot blasting process a media material is fired at an object to remove remove burrs, flashing, paint, scale or rust and clean and smooth (or sometimes intentionally roughen) the surface.

There are several mechanical methods used to propel the media material including using compressed air or water streams, or airless methods such as wheel blasting.

The media used also differs depending on the results needed but the catch all term is shot, hence shot blasting. The shape, size and weight of the media will determine the outcome. Frequently a metal shot is used including steel grit, copper shots, and aluminum pellets. Some methods of shot blasting use silica sand (sand blasting - not in some countries due to health risks), glass beads (bead blasting), sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) or crushed nuts shells or kernels.

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