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Airedale Ultima Compact Jet Air Handling Unit (AHU)

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Year of Manufacture
From a working environment, Current Model
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Full Service History / Full OEM Support
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
1810 KG
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
2100 x 1850 x 3220


Airedale’s range of air cooled compact condensing units offer cooling capacity of 195 kW. The Ultima™ Compact Condensing Unit ()UCCU range is designed to be ultra quiet, extremely energy efficient and easy to install.

The UCCU range is at the forefront of market technology, the latest R410A variant utilises next generation DSH Scroll compressors - engineered to increase efficiency and deliver improved performance.

Modular construction and improved range of options ensure there is a unit for every application. Developed with low sound levels as a key factor in its design, the Ultima Compact Condenser is ideally applicable to a variety of environments including;

  • Offices, 
  • Retail,
  • Healthcare, 
  • Leisure.
  • Data centres.
  • Hi- tech Environments.


  • Multiple scroll compressors provide staged capacity control enabling part load efficiencies to be increased 
  • Advanced AireTronix controller allows intelligent control of compressors and fan as well as full communication to BMS systems 
  • Standard, Quiet and Super Quiet variants offering extremely low sound levels for noise sensitive areas 
  • Enhanced high efficiency condenser coils, ideally positioned to optimise airflow and heat transfer 
  • Dual independent refrigeration circuits (on all models except UCCU 30-80 (optional single or dual)) 
  • High Pressure (manual reset) and Low Pressure (auto reset) safety pressure switches 
  • Intelligent head pressure control allows the system to operate in ambient temperatures of -20°C 
  • Suction and liquid line shut off valves for ease of installation and servicing 
  • Galvanised steel case with a baked epoxy paint finish in light grey RAL 7035. 
  • Suitable for use in a wide range of climate conditions 
  • High efficiency axial fans offer the perfect compromise between performance and noise 
  • Various control schemes, controlling operation via : 
  • External 0 - 10V signal 
  • Suction pressure monitoring 
  • Remote space temperature sensor 
  • Remote digital input

Key Feature : Control Management Airedale’s versatile UCCU range can be matched with any manufacturer’s new or existing Air Handling Unit (AHU).

This integration makes control management pivotal, so Airedale has designed the UCCU with the various applications and combinations in mind, providing four of the most common to select via the microprocessor. 

  • External 0-10V Signal The compressor operation is controlled by the microprocessor to respond to an incoming 3rd party control signal 
  • Suction Pressure Monitoring Here the compressor operation is controlled by the microprocessor to achieve a set evaporating pressure. This method is ideal if the condensing unit operates as a standalone unit with no communication with the BMS or indoor systems 
  •  Remote Space Temperature Sensor This controls the operation of the compressor(s) by responding to changes in the return air temperature 
  •  Remote Digital Inputs This controls the operation of compressor(s), based on a given number of digital signals which corresponds to the number of cooling stages (between 1 & 6)

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