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Kerry ( Guyson International ) C450A Microprocessor

Stock No
Kerry ( Guyson International )
Year of Manufacture
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Work Envelope (WxDxH mm)
325 x 450 x 350
Process Stages
Other Info
Autotrans System MK3
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
3625 x 1350 x 2500mm


Kerry (Guyson International) C450A Microprocessor

Stage 1 is a bead blast AISI 316 stainless steel heated ultrasonic spray under immersion cleaning tank, which contains the specified cleaning solution.

Ultrasonic power is provided by the modem Pulsatron 500 series of generators which allow high intensity ultrasonics to be applied to the base of the tank. These are specified as follows:-
300A - 16 transducer blocks driven by I off Pulsatron 500/ I generator. 450A - 2x 12 transducer blocks driven by I off Pulsatron 50012 generator.

Heating is provided by thermostatically controlled immersion heaters mounted in the weir.

Integral fume extraction is fitted to the left hand tank long side. The two large fume extraction slots are vented to an outlet at the rear of the machine.

A low level float switch protects the ultrasonics, heater and filtration circuit. When the switch is activated the message LOW LEVEL STAGE 1 will be displayed on the LCD status display on the control fascia panel.
The spray under immersion manifold is mounted in tank extension box to the rear of the process tank. The manifold has 24 off uniformly distributed nozzles. The pumping action is provided by a single Calpeda MXHM pump supplying the manifold via thefiltration circuit, which comprises a strainer, a removable cartridge fine filter, a filter monitor pressure gauge, and suitable ball valves.
A removable weir plate is fitted towards the front of the tank to provide a weir box approx. 80mm wide. A drain socket is mounted to the base of the weir box and the tank slopes at approx. 2.5° to allow satisfactory draining to the front.
A fill socket and ball valve are provided for filling with water, the fill inlet being mounted at high level above the overflow. The overflow is provided by a standpipe .

Stages 2 &  3 : Combined Rinse Tank

The combined rinse tank is an acid passivated AISI 316 stainless steel dual chamber spray under immersion cleaning tank, which contains town water in the first part (Stage 2) and de-ionised water in the second (Stage 3).
Removable weir plates providing an 80 mm wide weir box are provided as standard.
Optional thermostatically controlled heating may be fitted to Stage 3 and integral fume extraction can be fitted to the rear of the Stage 3 tank should this option be chosen.
A low level float switch (Stage 3) protects any optional heater and filtration circuits. When the switch is activated the message LOW LEVEL STAGE 3 will be displayed on the LCD status display on the control fascia panel.
Filtration is optional on both Stages 2 and 3 and comprises a strainer, MXHM pump and a fine filter with pressure gauge.
The spray under immersion manifolds are mounted in tank extension boxes to the rear of the process tanks (Stages 2&3) and are configured the same as for Stage 1.

The base of the tanks is sloping to the front and the drain sockets fitted at low level permit satisfactory draining. The tank assembly is sufficiently deep to allow the optional fitment of 80mm high submersibles A stainless steel bracket basket location system is fitted.

  Stage 4 : Hot Air Dryer

The hot air dryer is a single chamber (or optional dual chamber) AISI 316 bead blasted stainless steel tank fitted with a manual sliding or optional (where an Autotrans may be fitted) pneumatic sliding lid. Air is taken from a hole in the centre base of the tank and is circulated back through two slots in the front tank wall via electrical heating elements. Dry glass pad filters ensure only clean filtered air enters the dryer and passes over and through the product load.

A fan is used with a direct coupled motor. The fan is suspended with the shaft vertical immediately below the tank outlet. A fine gauge mesh prevents small parts from entering the fan.

A moist air bleed tube and adjustable fresh air intake incorporated in the circulation system prevent excess build up of moisture laden air.

The temperature is controlled by an adjustable electronic thermostat and is displayed on the selectable digital display on the control fascia. An over temperature thermostat provides suitable protection to prevent damage caused by possible failure of the 3 phase fan. A phase sequence relay is included which protects against wrong fan rotation and single phase failure.

When a lid is opened the fan and heating automatically switch off - manual or automatic lids.

In the interests of energy conservation, an economy timer ensures that the dryer only operates for 20 minutes after initiation of Stage 2 spray under immersion.

 Autotrans System Mk 3 

(i) General
The Autotrans programmable mechanical handling system, is essentially, a rail mounted horizontally running trolley, fitted with a vertical lift column, powered by de shunt wound electric motors driven controlled via a dedicated controller. A user interface control panel is provided to facilitate programming and message display. The
( entire assembly is supported behind the process sequence it is
designed to serve, and for which it may be customer programmed, with up to IO independent programmes.

 (ii) Mechanical
The unit is designed to operate below the extension rearwards of the plant top surround and is mounted on a stainless steel section bolted to the rear of the plant

The traverse chassis upon which the drive motor and encoder is mounted is a mild steel welded assembly upon which the vertical column and lift carriage is mounted. The traverse chassis is mounted on a pair of sealed pillow block linear bearings running on a precision ground rail. The chassis is driven by a stainless steel gearwheel mounted on a torque limiter which is in turn mounted on the drive motor, all driving on a stainless steel rack. Positional reference is given by an encoder operating directly on the rack fitted to the bottom of the stainless steel section.

The vertical lift column is a formed mild steel channel to which is mounted a linear guide rail, lift motor, brake , encoder and various limit switches.
The lift carriage and arm is mounted on a linear guide rail by two sealed linear bearings which provide support and guidance. At the lower end of the vertical column are mounted two radial bearings which run either side of a stainless steel guide rail which extends the length of the plant.
The vertical lift carriage is actuated by a lubrication free roller chain operating round a sprocket fitted to a support bearing assembly which also mounts the brake and encoder.
Drive to the chain comes from the motor mounted at the lower end of the vertical column. The motor output shaft is fitted with a torque limiter and plate sprocket.
The lift carriage also mounts the chain termination, collision switch, slack chain switch and arm, to which is mounted the carrier.
The assembly is enclosed by painted mild steel covers. Connection to the plant is made via a drag chain system enclosing the system cables which originate from the plant control box. These cables exit from the service panel of the plant and are then terminated at the traverse chassis.

(iii) Electrical
Both vertical, and horizontal motions, are achieved using de shunt wound motors driven by the dedicated controller. The speed of which is controlled by the controller. The speed/direction of each motion is monitored by encoders.The system also provides two 'initiate' signals, one for each axis.The user program is entered via a hand-held control unit, which houses a keyboard and display.

In addition to the independent programs, the system also includes 12 programmable input/outputs. The operation/release of which may be accurately selected, any required number of times in any of the chosen programs, in order to actuate auxiliary items.

The use to which these outputs can be put, are only limited by the limitation of the machine auxiliaries. The possibilities include automatic indexing of baskets on load/unload roller tracks, prevention of double unload should a basket not roll away from the unload area correctly), initiation of ultrasonics (as basket enters a particular tank) and cessation (as it leaves) , initiation/cessation of rotating basket function etc.

Six of these outputs are automatically programmed by the Autotrans. They are not adjustable and have been set-up at the installation stage to accommodate the automatic opening of lids and other features which are defined by the plant.

(iv) Protection
In the event of a catastrophic failure, protection of the machine against over-running the extreme limits of either horizontal or vertical travel , is provided, in the form of limit switches mounted on the lift and traverse chassis. These are termed HARD limits , and will remove power from the drive.

Also provided are SOFT limits which are additional user set-up points to prevent an operator from manually moving beyond preset limits .

Whilst this protection is adequate if the Autotrans over-runs the built in electronic limits with the column raised, should it do so whilst it is in a lowered position, then protection takes another form. If the basket carrier is deflected sideways by the movement of the traverse carriage bringing it into contact with a tank wall it initiates switches, which stop further movement, and so avoids damage.


The plant frame is constructed from mild steel box section with sprayed 'eggshell fine spatter' or 'stove enamel' paint finish, and is clad with removable key locked panels to ends and rear and hinged lockable doors at front. The panels are fabricated from mild steel painted. The base of the frame comprises a stainless steel bund tray. Items such as the pumps are fitted to brackets within the bund tray. The space under the frame is eliminated to aid noise reduction.
The drain board top surround is fabricated from stainless steel sheet, with a 45° sloped front for easier operator access to tanks. The finish is smooth glass bead blast effect. The plant control fascia panel is located at the right end of the sloped top section. ·
The plant electrical isolator is front mounted and the electrical enclosure is located behind the right hand front door.
The Microprocessor Control Compact MK.2A is controlled principally by a dedicated printed circuit board assembly. The main system resides behind the Microclean front panel, and is connected via a multi-core cable to the electrical enclosure.

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Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.